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Welcome! Come and Meet Us

by Maria

A note from Maria Ringlein Struve…

Meet me and my daughters, Giselle and Isabella.  There are three things in life that are of utmost importance to me: my family, my celebrations and doing good in the world.   That is why Tinselbox exists and every word is something we stand behind.  Easy recipes, pretty parties, free watercolor printables, party invitations and everything entertaining. That’s 


Here is my Isabella, twirling about on her 2nd Unicorn party. Not her 2nd birthday mind you, but the 2nd of 3  unicorn themed birthday parties.  You will find her love of the magical inspires our kids party section. My passion is elegant, whimsical kids parties. Because beautiful is sweet.

Tinselbox Parties in a boxHer smile is infection and spirit strong.  I never worry about her because she can stand her own, and has a heart of gold.  She was adopted through foster care which was one of the biggest trials of my family’s life.  I have written about it here  because you really can’t know me without knowing this journey.  Sometimes I pinch myself to remember what I went through and why.  

I love to share inspiring, pretty birthday parties and showers.

Mermaid Party




At the core of it all, my oldest daughter Giselle taught me how to be selfless and loving. Her care of the world makes me think more about what really matters.  It’s not a default for many of us to share outside of our faith, community or family. We have to work at that, and it is rewarding beyond measure. She has that in spades. My little inspiration.

Make a Wish

When I was young I lost my brother to cancer. He was just 11, and it impacted my family in ways I could not even understand at the time. As we left the grocery store my dad would put coins in the Leukemia tree.  It was an energetic jesture to say we are thinking of you.

Now everytime you purchase one of our spectacular party invitations you will help us donate to Make a Wish. Learn all about how this foundation is saving lives and making a difference.



Find out more about this collection of unicorn invitations, thank you cards, fill in thank you cards, posters and stickers.



Tinselbox – Maria Ringlein Struve


Now with 30,000 followers, 200,000 pins, and a few spots on TV, I am quite certain this was the right decision.



Join me, my kids, my husband, my friends, and some AMAZING artists for:

  • RECIPES: Easy to prepare dinners for busy families and party food to wow your guests at a moments notice
  • ACTIVITIES: Darling DIY that is fool-proof! Crafts, printables, and themed cookies.
  • PARTIES: Stress-free, adorable parties that are fun for guests big and small
  • LIFESTYLE: Sprinkled in everywhere are great ideas for stress-free living

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