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Welcome! Come and Meet Us

by Maria


Parties that Sparkle!

A note from Maria…

Meet me, my daughter Giselle (9) and Isabella (4).  There are three things in life that are of utmost importance to me: my family, my celebrations and doing good in the world.  In 2015,  I had a thriving professional career, an adorable family (including a newly adopted foster baby) and a full party calendar. So why did I scrap my professional career and start over creating adorable watercolor parties?


Tinselbox Parties in a box


I wanted to be there more often for the little things, homework, birthdays and twirling about.  While I loved being a professional consultant in a high rise San Francisco office, this was the time for that elusive “balance”. I still have a passion for office work, but popping over to see a spring recital is now a piece of cake.










Do your friends always know best? For years, my party guests and closest friends insisted I should share my sparkling parties with the world. From easy recipes that wow guests to stunning decorations.  All in the name of simple, sparkling, with big impact.

I created a line of beautiful watercolor birthday invitations and party supplies that you can get in a flash with Amazon Prime.  The best of party planner designs with convenience shopping.

I also love to share the EASIEST wow factor ideas on the blog.

Tinselbox Unicorn Party Invitations




Tinselbox Make A Wish Donation



At the very core, I want the happiness from your amazing party to spread joy to others. Our made in the US, handpainted parties spread happiness first to your guests… and then we donate to our favorite charity as well. Each party has a purpose and gives to someone who needs some sparkle in their lives.  5% of our proceeds are donated to a selected charity for each design.  Because truly we all can make a difference!




Now with 30,000 followers, 200,000 pins, and a few spots on TV, I am quite certain this was the right decision.


Join me, my kids, my husband, my friends, and some AMAZING artists for:

  • RECIPES: Easy to prepare dinners for busy families and party food to wow your guests at a moments notice
  • ACTIVITIES: Darling DIY that is fool-proof! Crafts, printables, and themed cookies.
  • PARTIES: Stress-free, adorable parties that are fun for guests big and small
  • LIFESTYLE: Sprinkled in everywhere are great ideas for stress-free living

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