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Watercolor Original Summer Lovin’

by Maria

I am just having one of these days today, where everything is so right in the world.  These soft pink and green free printable watercolor flowers just arrived in my inbox, and I had feelings.

How did I get these? You have to read and find out.

This print gives me that little happy smile. This peaceful sense of nature.  It was painted by a talented watercolor artist Courtney Bray.  She shares her work on Instagram, but she also has an amazing story.

>> Meet Courtney Bray

Watercolor Original Summer Lovin’

It’s half way through summer right now, and I am loving it. We have been on vacation, to the beach, to wineries for fancy date nights and just been sleeping in.  It is amazing that it has gone by so fast.

My kids have begun to fully embrace the lazy mornings, and they are taking for granted all the swimming. I feel like they live in their swimsuits with crunchy chlorine hair and a spot of sunburn somewhere at all times.

Summer is really a beautiful thing, and I am already half way through.  I think by the end of August I will be ready for my oldest to be back in school.


There are THREE ways to enjoy this Summer Lovin’ original watercolor:

1. Free printable file

Download the file and print this beauty on card stock. I have this framed in my dining room.  The gold shimmers, and I LOVE that.

All downloads are for personal use only. These images and the downloadable files cannot be used for commercial purposes.  If you are a blogger, who shares our content, you must link to our page and not upload the file directly to your site. 

2. Buy an original or print you like

I am no stranger to just buying what I want when I want too.  These original watercolor paintings are gorgeous, and her work is affordable for everyone who just loves pretty things.

I have tagged her shop in my Thoughtful gifts Pinterest board. I am thinking of Christmas gifts, custom designs for baby showers and prints with names.

3. Paint along

Get our your watercolors, a great piece of paper and your creativity.  Paint along with Courtney!


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Julie July 25, 2017 - 5:27 am

Gorgeous and I love the 3 options. I’d love to be able to try the tutorial and learn to do something like this myself but if it all goes wrong I can print or buy – perfect!

Jessi @ Practically Functional August 8, 2017 - 11:22 am

Love it, gorgeous!

I just wanted to let you know that you were featured as a Rockstar at last week’s Creativity Unleashed party! Congrats, and thanks for sharing at our party! http://www.practicallyfunctional.com/creativity-unleashed-184-wood-sign-giveaway

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