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Unique Gift Wrapping Ideas

by Maria

I love unique gift wrapping ideas. I don’t need my wrap to be perfect, but I just want my gift to say that I care. The wrap may be an expensive sheet from Paper Source or a slice of craft roll from the closet. It’s about the love inside! Now these are unqiue, budget friendly, eco-friendly gift wrapping ideas.

After writing about gift wrapping ideas, I am obsessed with newspaper and coupon flyers for presents. Fine print newspaper has an elegant quality and coupons are just hilarious. This is a fun concept for Earth Day when the goal is to reuse. It also is great for anyone who just is completely unprepared as often as I am. I didn’t spend a dollar wrapping the presents you see here. I took flowers from my garden and newspaper from the recycling. If mine look pretty, yours will too. Trust me!

Newspaper will give you a nice neutral background. You can see I have a few gifts to wrap for this weekend. (The one on the bottom is a Tinselbox. This is very exciting). The other two presents are children’s gifts. Even though, I am wrapping rectangle boxes, you can do everything with this paper that you could with other wrap.

newspaper wrap
Here are my materials…

Newspaper and coupon flyers
String or ribbon
Fresh flowers

I don’t get the newspaper anymore, so I grabbed them from my neighbors recycling. However, I do get TONS of flyers with coupons in the mail. I don’t know how to make it stop, so I am keeping them for fun projects. You can see my materials were coupon flyers, newspaper, tree clippings from my yard, burplap string, scissors and tape.

Burlap string is just something I have a lot of. It is pretty eco-friendly, so it is a nice option. These gifts also look amazing with silk ribbon or curls. Using what you have at home can still be eco-friendly and budget savvy. We also ran across this Eco string from Monahan Papers. This string would be great if you really want to commit to that recycled, sustainable vibe.

Gift wrapping ideas

Here are my wrapped boxes…

Recycled paper is a great gift wrapping idea. Now for the really fun part, choosing which pages to use. You can customize the section of the newspaper to your recipient.

Here are some suggestions:
Coupon Flyers are for fun people. I am lucky to know a lot of these kinds of friends. Simple articles with just text for are very neutral. Real Estate ads make unique gift wrap for new homeowners. Cartoons are fun for kids presents. Crosswords are perfect for puzzle lovers! You get the idea.
Add some string and few hand picked flowers or stems, and these packages are both pretty and personal. Every little bit we can do to reuse is wonderful. Especially if you don’t have to compromise your style.

If you want more inspiration for your newspaper wrapping ideas, then check out Cool Mom Picks. They have lots of ideas for a sustainable wrap and other ways to treat the earth with kindness. We hope you feel inspired. Send us your pics if you start wrapping in newspaper. We love it!

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