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Unicorn Party Games for 10 Year Olds and Up

by Tinselbox

Ah, tweens…no longer little kids, but not quite teenagers. About that time your kid hits 10 years old, their interests shift, and all of a sudden, the things that entertained them are no longer cool. They’re still young enough to want a themed birthday party, but the usual standby party games are met with an eye roll. To that end, we want to help! In this roundup, we’ve compiled the best unicorn party games for 10 year olds and up.

Minute to Win It Games | Happiness Is Homemade

If you’ve never heard of Minute to Win It games, they were made popular by a game show where contestants–you guessed it–had a minute to win it. A seemingly simple, but quite challenging task had to be completed in a minute or less. Your big kids get to compete against their friends doing silly activities. The laughs that are sure to follow will get your party started on the right foot. The link above explains 10 Minute to Win It Games, and chances are you have all the supplies you need for most of them already at home.

Unicorn Party Games for 10 Year Olds


Unicorn Ring Toss | Amazon

This isn’t your run of the mill ring toss. That’s probably too old hat for your 10-year-old. I don’t think this needs too much explaining once you see the image below. Your big kids will love this!

Get this Unicorn Ring Toss Game on AMAZON!

Unicorn Party Games for 10 Year Olds


Unicorn Headband DIY | Red Ted Art

If you have a more mellow crowd of kids, a craft project is a great activity to do at your party. And what better craft project to do at your unicorn party than a unicorn headband? Red Ted Art has a great tutorial on how to make a super cute unicorn headband. Cut out all the pieces before the party so that all the kids need to do is mix, match, and glue. 

Unicorn Party Games for 10 Year Olds


Unicorn Bingo | Tinselbox

Everyone loves bingo; it’s practically scientific fact. So we can’t leave out our very own free printable unicorn bingo from this roundup. It’s the perfect game for your unicorn party, no matter what age your guests are!

From preschoolers to tweens, bingo is exciting for everyone.

Unicorn Party Games for 10 Year Olds and Up

Unicorn Poop Slime | Mom Dot

We have a love-hate relationship with slime in our house. The kids love it; I hate it. But like so many other things, I occasionally let it slide and let them whip up a batch of slime. Despite the name, this unicorn poop slime is actually quite beautiful. Your party guests will definitely have a fun time creating their slime. You can even jazz it up by adding glitter or confetti.

Unicorn Party Games for 10 Year Olds and Up

Pinata | Amazon

Rounding out our list is the quintessential party game–the pinata. I’m sure if you hung a pinata in front of a group of adults, blindfolded them, spun them around and handed them a bat, they would have a blast. There is really no age too old to enjoy a pinata. If you have a mixed age group of kids, make sure the big kids get a blindfold and a few extra spins and whoever is on the other end of the pinata rope should make it extra challenging. For the younger kids, you could skip the blindfold and spins altogether. Check out this darling unicorn pinata–she makes an excellent piece of decor as well!

Get this Unicorn Pinata with flower detail and gold fringe on Amazon!

Unicorn Party Games for 10 year olds

Unicorn Egg Races | Tinselbox


Always fantastic for bigger kids, egg and spoon races.  This is such an easy game to prepare for and all the kids ages 10 and up will love it. Really this game, is great for any group over 6.  Watch the laughs and see the competitive spirits awaken with this hilarious old school favorite.

Unicorn Party Games Egg and Spoon Races for Tweens

What you need:

  • An egg for each child (raw is traditional, hard boiled is optional). BTW. See our amazing hack for easy hard boiled eggs.
  • Spoons for each child
  • Sharpies or Colored Pens

How to play Unicorn Egg and Spoon Races:

First you let the kids draw the perfect unicorn or rainbow on their egg with the pens. Give them about 10 minutes as this is the fun crafty part of the project. 

Define the starting line and finish line. They should be at least 20 large strides apart. Create some obstacles if you like.

Line up the kids behind the starting line and shout go!

You will watch them drop their eggs or cross the finish line

If you want to extend the game, you can take the top 5 on another round while others cheer on

Unicorn Sack Races | Tinselbox

One of my favorite childhood memories is doing sack races at our local fair and at girl scout camp. This game is the easiest to recreate, and I love simple, easy to execute ideas with a big party punch. That is what this is all about.  Making great memories without stressing the parent out.

This is all it takes: Buy the burlap sacks from Amazon.  Define your boundaries about 20 -30 large strides apart. Call the rules.  First one to the magical unicorn forest, wins!

You can put a kid in each sack, have rounds, or add two kids in one (for maximum amusement).   You might even want to try it.

Get the burlap sacks to race to the Unicorn Magical Forest on Amazon

Unicorn Party Games for Tweens 10 and Up | Sack Races

Unicorn Movie Night

I love the idea of an outdoor movie under the stars.  We had one when my daughter was 4, complete with 70 guests, glow stick and a projector onto a garage. You can also cozy up in your living room if you want to keep it simple.

When I was 10, I wanted to see a movie with my friends in the theator.  My dad took 8 of us, and the movie was sold out.  He decided to choose a different animated movie, and let’s just say that it was not kid friendly.  So always check Common Sense Media before choosing a film for a kids party. I would choose a movie that is rated perfect for the age of the average party guest.

Here are some unicorn movies.

Want the list of the coolest unicorn movies even for adults. We have them all here.

Age 11+ Unicorn Store

Age 9+ The Last Unicorn

Ages 3+ Uni the Unicorn

Ages 12+ Unicorn Island


Cooking Unicorn Meringues | You Tube

Do you have a small, careful group of tweens or teens. Check out these beautiful meringues which are piped into pretty shapes. This is a great project which doubles as a treat for your movie night!

Unicorn Party Games for 10-Year-Olds and Up

We hope this list is helpful for you. Let us know if we’ve forgotten anything, or if any of these were a hit at your party in the comments below!



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