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Three Businesses With Holiday Spirit

by Maria

Here are three different types of businesses that are bringing the joy of the season in unique ways. I hope that you fall in love with them too this Holiday season. These businesses with holiday spirit truly show what the giving season is all about.


Paper Culture Holiday Cards

Paper Culture

There are two things I love about Paper Culture. (www.paperculture.com)

The first is that their cards are just so fun and original. They have beautiful designs which have modern fonts and Instagram type photo boxes. Colorful, photographic and fun. I love to do something different and unique with my Christmas cards. Like this year, we all hid behind a tree and watched the baby walk by (she was a new walker). I found a great long landscape card which fit the photo perfectly. I can’t wait for my delivery!

The second thing I love is that I feel fantastic about my purchase. They are sustainable and never cut down new trees. For every purchase of cards, they plant a tree. They let me dedicate that tree electronically to my mom. Then I sent mom an email. She loved it. I may not want to give up my pretty things but I love to support those who like to give back in equal amounts. I can have my cards without imagining a clear cut forest.

SticksandThings on Etsy


SticksandThings on Etsy

Whether you need acorns or you don’t, you’ve got to love this entrepreneurial kid who gathers acorns and sells them on Etsy. The Salt Lake City child, Ethan, is collecting, sorting, and gluing the acorns he gathers. He has made almost 300 sales and I’m sure keeps his family busy. Not that I think you need to go out and buy more acorns, but if you ever do need acorns now you know exactly where to look. I am an admirer of his ingenuity and also of any guardian who lets their child shine in their own way.

TOMS: The One For One Company


Toms Really Gives Back

I have always loved Tom’s for great shoes and yet they have so much more now. Looking through their website for gifts, they have bags, crafts, backpacks, clothing and much more pretty things. For each pair of shoes you purchase, one pair is donated to children in need. Each Toms Roasting Co purchase = safe water to a person in need. Each bag purchased = a safe birth for a mother in need. This is not just shoes any more. The catalog of nice things is impressive. This just might be the perfect gift for some of my friends this year.

These businesses with holiday spirit truly show that companies can be more than just heartless corporations. It is so refreshing to see them give back and makes it so much easier to buy from them.

I hope you are inspired to seek out and find more businesses with holiday spirit! Happy Holidays!


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