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Photography: Amazing Nighttime Christmas Tree Photos

by Maria

I am not a photographer. I am beautiful-moment obsessed person with a camera, so I love to learn easy tricks to amazing pictures.  I read about this method of how to take amazing Christmas tree photos many years ago.  It was written in this cute blog back in 2010. I’ll give you the link to that as well. Every year I get out my camera and have some fun with it. It is really easy to remember and it works really well.

All you you need in order to take these glowing pictures is a DSLR camera and a tree with lights.

How cute are these kids checking out this glowing tree?  I mean this is just Christmas at it’s best. Am I right?
Photography: Amazing Nighttime Christmas Tree Photos

1. Turn up your ISO

You will want to be on a manual to make this all work. So first of all there is one setting you need to find. On my Canon Rebel it seems like there are buttons everywhere, so locating ISO took a minute.  Okay, it took a few minutes. Find ISO, and when you do it you should turn it up as high as it goes. Mine goes to 3200, but practice has taught me I like a lower glow at 1600.

With the ISO up so high lots of light can get in.  Love how when I moved the camera a bit you can see the light streaks on this one.

Photography: Amazing Nighttime Christmas Tree Photos

I also have full image of my Meri Meri banner tree with full glowing lights.  My creative tree this year is singing Christmas songs.  The banner was included in the Tinselbox subscription, and I love the bright colors.

Photography: Amazing Nighttime Christmas Tree Photos with DSLR

2. Turn down the Shutter Speed

Then you will want to turn down your shutter speed.  Mine is adjusted with a small wheel at the front of the camera. Since I am no expert, I usually start around 1/50 and try increasing and decreasing it for different effects.

Photography: EASY Nighttime Christmas Tree Photos with DSLR


3. Steady the Camera

The high ISO will make the shutter close very slowly, so you need to be steady. I like to use the tripod, but you can put the camera on the back of a couch as well.

That’s the whole trick. It is super fun to practice.  If you want to see the original post that inspired me check out Unskinny Boppy. Her picture really glows! In this case, she had the ISO on 3600 and shutter speed at 1/30.  She focused on her son and he was standing still.





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Photography Tutorial: How to take nighttime photos of your Christmas Tree with your DSLR camera.  The settings are easy, but there are a few tricks to getting a glowing photo.

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