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Sweet Bumble Bee Invitations

by Tinselbox
Bumble Bee Invitations Featured

We’re so excited to introduce our newest offering to our party shop on Amazon! Our sweet bumblebee invitations are perfect for kids’ birthday parties. gender reveals, or baby showers.


This party planner quality design will wow your guests with hand painted colors. From the original artwork to the silky brilliant white paper, our Made in the USA products set a magical mood for amazing events. These, as with all our products, are substantial paper products.

Sweet Bumble Bee Invitations

We purposefully gave these invitations a flexible design. You can use them for:

  • “Mommy to Bee” – Baby shower
  • “Our Little Honey Bee is Turning ___” – Birthday
  • “Our Little Honey Bee is On the Way” – Baby Shower
  • “Bee-Day Party” – Birthday
  • “What Will Baby Bee?” – Gender Reveal

No matter what the party is for, you can match this invitation with yellow and gold decorations, with pops of green or black.

These fill-in invitations can be on your doorstep in two days!

Sweet Bumble Bee Invitations

At Tinselbox, we create and blog about amazing parties. Not only do we LOVE your magical moments, but we also give back to others to spread the joy! Your purchase will provide a donation to Make a Wish! Find out more on the blog.

Bumble Bee Party Inspiration

Sweet Bumble Bee Invitations

These sweet bumble bee macarons make a perfect party favor for your guests.

Sweet Bumble Bee Invitations

Homemade cupcakes topped with a cute little bee sugar decoration tie them in perfectly (and easily!) to the theme. Flowers are a natural addition to the party decor.

Coordinating Blank Thank You Cards

Sweet Bumble Bee Invitations

No party is fully complete until the Thank You cards are sent out. You can also purchase these coordinating blank bumble bee thank you cards, with plenty of room inside for your message.

Have YOU Heard the Buzz?

Get your bumble bee invitations here and don’t forget your thank you notes too!

Sweet Bumble Bee Invitations


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