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Rentivist – Connecting Beautiful Things

by Maria


Rentivist is Connecting People with Pretty Things


One day I got an email about an upcoming tech start up, Rentivist. When I linked to their website, I was really excited.  I am a lover of vintage mixed with modern. We just love pretty things and amazing photos. I actually use grandmas china on holidays.  I have snuck some unique things we made into my photos at Tinselbox, so the whole concept of expensive with unique is something we can really get behind. I browsed for a while and found, a whole collection of furniture that I could rent. I even started to think of some amazing pieces I could rent out myself. I have a lot more then I realized. Thank you, Grandma.

Rentivist is an online marketplace where you can list things you own for others to rent and where you can find things to rent that you don’t own. Simply a space for those seeking a world filled with plentiful and diverse rentals for creative projects, events, and everyday life. And for those who want to make money sharing their awesome things with the world.

Having a big holiday party or celebration? These are just two of the beautiful items I found for rent on the site. Vintage Teacups by The Festive Frog and Colette Hutch by Love in Vintage.  I’m thinking of  a mothers day tea party at church… Or an Easter photo shoot. With a short browse you can make your celebration even more gorgeous.



Rentivist Teacups
Rentivist Hutch













I love their drive behind this business. As event planners they saw a need to provide unique pieces for different venues. Rentivist provides the unique pieces for a photo shoot  as well.  Bloggers look out!  The dynamic founders of Rentivist, took some amazing photos of Tinselbox Valentines.  Their photographer @beccadilley did a great job. This mix is so fun! We can’t wait to see this company reach so many who need their services.


Tinselbox photos by Rentivist

tinselbox rentivist tinselboxrentivist2

Rentivist is a great place to find stuff to rent for styling and creative projects. We love this site for large holidays and celebrations.









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