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Printable Thank You Card {with BBQ humor}

by Ryan
Do you want to say thank you to dad or a BBQ host? These free printable thank you cards are so cute. Who doesn't love a pun?

With summer come BBQ. And every BBQ is a party. With all these grills firing up everywhere, it is great to express your appreciation that goes into the planning and cooking. A printable thank you card with BBQ humor is the way to go.

BBQ’s are a staple of American culture. The first recorded use of the word in English was a verb in 1661, in Edmund Hickeringill‘s Jamaica Viewed: “Some are slain, And their flesh forthwith Barbacu’d and eat.” But now it is a part of the U.S. vernacular and our recipe boxes.

Before we get to the BBQ Thank you – lets clear up one thing up. Merely throwing meat on a grill is not barbecue – that is grilling. While novices may believe that anything covered in a BBQ sauce counts as barbecue – a real BBQ cooked over indirect heat — usually a wood fire — for a long time (sometimes for as many as 18 hours).

The end result varies depending on the cut of meat, sauce, cooking time and spices used, but no matter – it is certainly yummy.

We have made these clever BBQ Thank you cards to help you show your appreciation and love of BBQ.

They are easy to download and print. Just print, cut across the middle and the fold the two funny (we love a good pun) BBQ Thank you cards.

Now that you have the Thank you cards, here are some Thank you card tips to make sure the appreciation is amplified.

Printable Thank You Cards

Timing: The most important thing about saying thank you is doing it promptly. A thank you is always appreciated, but closer to the actual BBQ event is the best.

Message: Don’t be worried about what to say. It should come from the heart. What was your favorite thing at the BBQ? What detail did you appreciate the most? What was the best dish at the BBQ? Keep it simple but heartfelt. Handwritten notes are always appreciated more.

Make it Special: While we have supplied you with a few card options, it is the other details that make it sweet. Our idea of customizing the envelope could put the thank you over-the-top. Take an ordinary envelope and line it with a decorative paper. We tried out a picnic red-check paper to match the BBQ theme.



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Emily May 26, 2017 - 8:25 pm

How fun! Such a cute idea. Thanks for sharing at the Monday Funday Link Party. – Emily

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