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Printable Cactus Photo Props for Dad’s Special Day

by Ryan

The free downloadable printable is easy to create. First – download this printable and this printable and then print onto white cardstock – the thicker the better.


Then cut out each of the photo props from the white background. If you want to avoid cutting all the points out – trust us – that is a lot of work – just leave a bit of white trim around the edges of each of the prop elements.


Then grab some BBQ shish kabob skewers and a bit tape. Take the pointy end of the skewer and tape it to the back of each cactus photo prop. Be sure that the stick is angled off to the side so that it is not blocking parts of your face for the photos.


The downloadable printable includes two mustaches, two bow ties, a neck tie, a pair of glasses and a dad cactus goggles. If you need more props for a bigger family, print out a double set.

Cactus Photo Prop Fun!


Have fun the props. Maybe even have the kids pose with the props as a photo surprise for Dad on his big day. Add some other fun props that are green like matching t-shits or beanies – or even color hair green. The memories will be much appreciated. In the end, anyway you use these photo props you are sure to make some great memories for the whole family.

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Victoria @DazzleWhileFrazzled May 16, 2017 - 7:21 pm

Super fun! I live surrounded by cacti and it’s only taken about a dozen years to start to really like them. Especially in cute cartoon form! Visiting from Talk of the Town party.

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