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Paw Patrol Birthday Party for Girls

by Tinselbox
Paw Patrol Party for Girls

If you have young kids in your house, chances are they are obsessed with Paw Patrol. My two girls certainly are! But sometimes the challenge in throwing a character or show themed party is that it gets a little too cartoony (no pun intended). This party by our friends at M & J Kreations is a great example of how you can have a cartoon themed party, but still be a bit elegant and elevated. Even if you can’t or don’t want to hire a party planner, there are lots of things you can easily DIY at home at your own party to elevate it to professional levels. Let’s dig into all the details of this super cute Paw Patrol birthday party for girls!

Dessert Table

Paw Patrol Party for Girls

The dessert table has become the centerpiece of nearly every party I’ve seen. And for good reason–it’s all the good stuff everyone wants! The treats are delicious and so pretty to look at.

Some of the things that make this girly Paw Patrol display so impressive are definitely things you can do yourself:

  • Stick to a color theme: The birthday girl is obviously a fan of pink and purple! Sticking to a couple of basic colors, plus a few pops of color (here, she used green, gold and blue) helps keep your party design cohesive and pleasing to the eye.
  • Varied display heights: the different heights of cake stands and trays help make this dessert table the showstopper. But don’t feel like you need to run out and buy all kinds of fancy serving ware! Check out this super easy–and inexpensive–DIY riser project. I’ve even used two cans under a piece of plywood and covered it with a small tablecloth or piece of fabric. Just be sure whatever you use is sturdy enough to hold whatever you place on top of it. Varying the heights of your items brings life and interest into your table.
  • A backdrop: The slatted wall, the balloon garland, the personalized artwork, and the floral arrangements make this backdrop an absolute showstopper. To do this at home on your own, grab some flowers at your local grocery store, arrange them yourself, and add some character cutouts. Definitely include some balloons, because even a basic balloon bouquet shouts, “party time!” For personalized artwork, Etsy is a great place to start.

Treats Galore

I firmly believe food (aside from the people!) is the heart of any party. So when you offer a variety of treats, it really makes your guests feel spoiled. This party has an AMAZING mix of treats–macarons, donuts, lollipops, and of course the cake! Here’s a tip as you set up your treat table: use color-coordinated jelly beans like in the photos below between your plate and your treats to add another dimension of color and texture.

Paw Patrol Party for Girls

Themed decorations and sprinkles take plain macarons to the next level. You can take store-bought macarons, drizzle some melted chocolate or candy wafers and add your own sprinkles.

Paw Patrol Party for Girls

Chocolate covered Oreos adorned with matching decor makes for a stellar party treat or favor. You can absolutely do these yourself–check out our recipe on how to do it at home!

Paw Patrol Party for Girls

Custom sugar cookies are always a guest favorite. It’s basically party decor that you can eat! When I order them for my parties, I prefer to use them as party favors. For an easy DIY version at your party, you could start with refrigerated cookie dough, and decorate them really simply with drizzled icing and more sprinkles.

Paw Patrol Party for Girls

Speaking of sprinkles, I LOVE how fun sprinkles have become. Long gone are the days of basic rainbow nonpareils or jimmies. Now sprinkles are so fancy, and come in nearly every shape, size, and color! Paw Patrol Party for Girls

This sweet lollipop display is super easy to recreate at home. Add a bow to color-coordinated lollipops, and use a piece of styrofoam or a vase to hold them.

Paw Patrol Party for Girls

Personally, making caramel apples is beyond my DIY abilities (though I bet they’re not too hard!), but what I love most about these is the golden stick, bow, and matching adornments.

Paw Patrol Party for Girls

These candy coated rice Krispy treats are also something I prefer to leave to the professionals, haha. But did you know you can use fondant and special fondant stamps to decorate your treats? It’s a great shortcut option instead of using royal icing to decorate cookies, for example.

Make every table a little special

Here, a matching colored tablecloth, flower arrangement, and basic balloon bouquet carry the theme to all the guest tables. I am really digging the cute paw print designs that are used throughout the party! So as not to overdo it, use coordinating solid color plates, cups, napkins, and eating utensils.

Paw Patrol Birthday Party for Girls

I hope you’ve found lots of inspiration in this amazing party by M & J Kreations. And, after reading my tips, I hope you feel like you can pull off a DIY version of this on your own! Happy celebrating!

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