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Open letter to my daughter the year you stopped believing in Santa

by Maria
Open letter to my daughter about Santa

Whether you tell your kids the truth about Santa in the sweetest way or they hear it on the playground,  eventually they will find out the secret we keep. I just decided to tell my daughter myself, so she would understand why Christmas magic is real, regardless.

She took it so well, but I still had so many feelings. Here is the letter I wrote to her the following year.

An open letter to my daughter the year you stopped believing in Santa

Dearest sweetie,

Everyone says kids grow up too fast, and if you have children you will find out some day how true that is. As a mom, you want to give your child life skills and balance that with the child-like joy of being loved. As moms, we never know when we have done it right. All we can do is see that you are happy and strong, and you are!

Last year we told you the truth about Santa not being the one who delivers presents on Christmas Eve.  I explained that this tradition from olden days of delivering gifts was carried on by millions of parents around the globe.

You took it so well, and embraced the magic of keeping up the tradition for your little sister. I knew in that moment that I had chosen the right time to tell you. You helped me shop, wrap and surprise your little sister. It was still so much fun.

But can you believe it has been hard for me?

Since you were born your dad and I giggled when you told the mall Santa Claus what you really wanted for Christmas. We felt joy in the excitement in your eyes when you woke up each Christmas morning to presents under the tree.

We smiled when you saw that Rudolph ate one of the carrots you carefully chose from the store. It was fun for us to let you be immersed in the magic of believing that the big guy in a red suit squeezed himself down our chimney each year. (((Even though we didn’t really have a way to get through.)))

I knew that you would not want to hear it from another kid at school and that you might be hurt if you thought we kept the truth from you.  Each kid is different, but I knew that when you were in 3rd grade you were ready to know.

I hadn’t counted on the fact that having you know would mean I would miss my little girl. The princess dress wearing, giggly little girl sitting on Santa’s lap asking for a puppy.

I am so proud of who you are, and I love that you are turning into a wonderful young lady. I know it’s best for me to let you grow up, but just know a little piece of me thinks it’s going all too fast. As your mom, I don’t think this will be the last time I feel this way. I am sure there will be plenty more.

I look forward to this year and big girl memories we will make together. Thank you for making me so proud, and putting up with a mommy who loves you all too much.




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