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School Valentines that Keep You Hooked

by Ryan

Every February brings the attempt to make great school Valentines for my son to give his friends. What is key is that it has to be something my son would enjoy if he received it. Now, this may shock you – but he dislikes sugar and sweet things. He doesn’t like candy, cake, ice cream – nothing that most kids enjoy. He is a salt kid. Give him crackers, chips, pretzels or some salty popcorn and you are sure to get a smile. His favorite has always been Pepperidge Farm® Goldfish® Cracker Snacks, which are perfect for non-candy school Valentines.

The best part is all the fun “fish” puns and phrases I can use to make unique Valentines for his classmates. The first is a free printable/downloadable for you to use with this cheesy snack.

An O-FISH-L Valentine

Non-Candy School Valentines

The second free printable/downloadable is a real catch and sure to make the kids laugh.

Catch of the DayNon-Candy School Valentines

Non-Candy School Valentines

Looking for more non-candy school Valentine’s ideas?

Have you seen all the different varieties of Goldfish that are available? You’re sure to find something your child would be happy to share with their friends.

Whether you just want to avoid more sweets, or if you want to avoid any allergy triggers, here’s a great list of Valentine’s ideas that don’t involve candy.

Non-Candy School Valentines

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