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No Bake Quick Spiderweb Puff Pastry

by Maria

Our specialty is to put together a rockin’ fun party, with pretty food while making sure no one gets too overwhelmed with cooking.  These no bake quick spiderweb puff pastry are about as good as it gets.

I was walking around Mi Pueblo, our Mexican grocery store, looking for Day of the Dead candles. (Stay tuned for my Day of the Dead DIY altar). I picked up these traditional Mexican snacks, called duritos.  These are typically eaten with hot sauce or right out of the bag. These are my secret ingredient for my sweet, delectable Spiderwebs. They are deliciously crunchy and light. Better yet, they are already baked so there will be no oven on a hot day.


You will want to sift on some powdered sugar. Yup. These have just two ingredients! With the white fluffy coating they look like little, fluffy spiderwebs. How cute is that.  Put these on a Halloween tray and you are ready to make the punch.





These doritos make the perfect light, puff pastry, and the sugar is fluffy and sweet.  Your guest will delight in how cute these are. Having a Halloween party? Add a spider or two. My spiders are golden which makes them look like they belong at a fancy party.


1 bag of doritos (from the Mexican food isle)

1/2 cup of sifted powdered sugar


Sift the powdered sugar on to the doritos and serve!

No Bake, Quick, Spiderweb Puff Pastry. These are so sweet, fluffy and easy to make. These are on my list for Halloween!


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