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celebrating the holidays all year round

(all year round we celebrate, unbox, bake and decorate)

A note from Maria…

There are three things in life that are of upmost importance to me: my family, my amazing celebrations and doing good in the world.  In 2015, I thought I had it all. A thriving professional company, an adorable family (including a new adopted baby) and time for epic holiday celebrations. So why not scrap it and start over?

I was lacking: thrills, creativity, challenge, fun and reach.  Every epic party ended with friends declaring “you should do this for a living” or “you should sell this”.  All the cute gifts I would buy for friends would be met with “what a great idea” or “this is crazy adorable”.  I finally just decided to throw down the gauntlet. Why not spend my days dedicated to this passion?

Tinselbox was born in a small corner of my office.  I traveled the US looking through thousands of vendors with my friends to find adorable things. I had a blast working on the blog with fun creative people who have a great passion for DIY, recipes, baking and celebrations. Now I am very far down the path and the Tinselbox journey. There is no going back!

I’m having the time of my life, and get to collaborate with creative people and artists.  I am excited to share my strategies for stress-free, epic and beautiful holidays. I love to  mail adorable, hard to find things to our box-lovers. It’s an absolute blast.

Whether you are here for the box or the blog, we love that you are on this journey with us.  The passion we feel toward the holidays and celebrations is bursting off the page.

– Maria

Maria Struve Tinselbox Co-Founder

Maria S.
Tinselbox, CEO

A Little About Maria

I left my fast paced corporate job to mail beautiful and fun holiday items to awesome people. I have an obsession for amazing parties and a gorgeous home. I am passionate about finding unique and pretty things for the box. I love to travel and find things with all my stylish friends. This is my dream!

Maria Loves:  Things that are colorful, hilarious, glimmery, elegant, sparkling, modern, twisted or vintage! Practical, yet pretty things make me happy.

Ryan Tinselbox

Ryan L.
Tinselbox, Creative Director & Blogger

A Little About Ryan

I am an illustrator, design and mixed media/found object artist and have a passion for creating piece of art that tell a story.  For me, holidays are always about family and celebrating each other as much as we can. I love researching, writing, designing and illustrating your Tinselbox booklets, printables and articles on our Tinselblog.

Ryan Loves:  Art, improvisation, history, comedy, magazines and things that bring a smile to someone’s face.


Stephanie, D.
Tinselbox, Contributor & Blogger

A Little About Stephanie

Stephanie loves making memorable celebrations with loads of laughter, and creating the perfect ambiance. She creates themed desserts and paper products with style and elegance.

Stephanie Loves:  Things that are gold leaf, floral prints, watercolor, vintage and trendy. Anything with great ambiance.


Giselle, Age 7
Tinselbox, Craft Tester

A Little About Giselle

I am seven years old, and I love working with my mom. I test the crafts we put on the blog, and I help make boxes to ship. I would love to some day go with my mom to the New York gift show.

Giselle Loves:  Things that are cute, colorful, cuddly, funny, silly, sweet and crafty.

Tesse S.

A Little About Tesse

Tesse loves to write personal stories about her family, celebrations, history and the world at large. She is a passionate writer who loves to celebrate.

Giselle Loves:  Things that are inspirational, brights, useful, creative and funny.

Rachel F.

A Little About Rachel

Supermom and crafting extraordinaire. She loves Pinterest and trying out new ideas. Entertaining is her passion.

Giselle Loves:  Things that are elegant, family-friendly, creative, glimmering and polka dots.

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