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Make Your Own Monster Marshmallow Bar

by Maria

I love simple ways to have fun at the holidays, so I thought it would a be a hoot to have a make your own marshmallow monster bar. Candied marshmallows are such a treat. The monsters I created are simple and adorable, for all ages. I am sure that your guests will get super creative and their results will be great to share,

Did you know that marshmallows date back 2000 years and started as a medicinal food for a sore throat? Another excuse to eat these adorable characters!

To make your bar you will need:

  • Marshallows
  • Lollipop sticks
  • Melting chocolates in white and green
  • Candy Eyeballs
  • Candy decorations
  • Decorating Pens



The first step is to melt your chocolates.  Follow the directions on the back of your package.  You can also use real chocolate chips!


Now you can create your bar by unwrapping all the candies and setting them out.  Sit everyone close together so sharing is easy! First put the lollipop stick into the marshmallow. Then dip the top of the marshmallow into the candy coating.  Swirl it around and put on your decorations before it dries.


Make your own marshmallow monster bar:

These are some of the adorable designs we came up with.

For the alien you will want to swirl your marshmallow in green chocolate. Then add 3 candy eyeballs. That’s it! Adorbs.

The mummy has white candy coating and two eyes. After you let that base coat dry, you can drizzle on more white candy for a bandage look.

We found these knives at the grocery store so we added it to the top of a little character. He has two eyes and a black decorator pen mouth. We added the knife and a little red gel to the top of his head to add the effect.

Using the decorator pens to create a Day of the Dead look or really draw any character is super fun! You can also add any candied decorations you find in the store.  Little kids and toddlers love to stick on anything at all.

make-your-own-marshmallow-monster-bar make-your-own-monster-marshmallow-bar-8


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