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How to Plan a Party – Inspiration and Ideas by Tinselbox

by Maria
How to Plan a Party – Inspiration and Ideas by Tinselbox

We love parties! An inspirational party makes an awesome first impression and delights guests with exciting activities and food.  At Tinselbox, you’ll learn how to plan a party that creates amazing memories with high impact, low-stress party ideas.

Keys to a Successful Party

The three elements of a successful party are:

  • Make a great first impression
  • Have activities that create lasting memories
  • And of course, great food!

It all starts with the theme and look of the party. When guests arrive, show off the theme with that first impression. Your theme will include the party decor and the darling little details, like golden glitter figures, framed invitations and unique balloons.  These little gestures create a special feel and prepare guests to start making some memories! You’ll see here on Tinselbox that many of these can be done without much effort, too.

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How to Plan a Party: 3 Keys to A Successful Party



First Impressions: Create that Visual WOW

Do these things, and you can stand back and watch them say, ‘Wow’, as they walk in.

  • Put up a party poster at the front door inviting guests in.
  • Set a little vignette by the front door that fits your theme. For example, for a teddy bear picnic party we put four teddy bears and a picnic basket with a few balloons.
  • Have the birthday guest of honor wear a themed t-shirt.
  • Create a unique color story.  For an emoji party, use blue in addition to yellow and black.
  • Balloons make a big impact!
  • Spray paint figurines in themed colors and place them about the dessert table.
  • Display cakes, cupcakes and desserts on their own table
  • Create a space for presents with a cute sign. The presents will collect and create a fun area.

Party Activities that Create Lasting Memories - Party Ideas by Tinselbox


Create Lasting Memories at your Party

Nothing creates memories like unique games and activities. Plan on having two to three events for your party. A great place to start planning your party games is with your guest list. Run down the list and ask yourself, “What can we do that they will love? How can we make it special?” You’ll be amazed at the ideas that will jump out at you.

Need more ideas? Here are some great ideas to help get your brain storming:

  • If the kids will range from little ones to big kids, get a jump house. Put themed bouncy balls or balloons in the roof to add a special factor. It’s those little details that add up!
  • Traditional games can be so fun! Piñatas, burlap sack races, egg races (please hard boil), and Pin the Tail on the Donkey are all great fun.
  • Charades! Pick the words for your theme.
  • Craft tables: The DIY ideas are endless, so get creative.
  • Baby Shower Pictionary.  Get a giant whiteboard, and you will be surprised how many laughs your guests will have.


Your guests will also create more memories the more they mingle and get to know each other. You know how it goes, “That Jody was so much fun!”

In order to jump-start the mingling, take the first 20 minutes to introduce people and send them to an area of the party where they can be comfortable.  Greet everyone with a smile and wait until they feel comfortable When you do this, guests have a lot more fun. For kids, this is easy. For adults, introduce them to others they might have commonalities with — think back to that guest list.  Always offer a drink right away.


Yummy party food! Baby shower Oreos - Party Food Ideas by Tinselbox>>>GET THE RECIPE FOR CHOCOLATE COVERED OREOS! YUM!<<<

Mmmm. Party Food!

The way to your guests’ hearts is through their tummies! Some people have the gift and desire to bake elaborate dishes or craft beautiful desserts, but we recommend keeping it easy so you don’t wear yourself out or end up distracted as guests arrive.

Check out these awesome, simple party recipes:

Cupcakes can go into themed wrappers. You can adorn Oreos with fondant pieces, and your party punch can match your color story. Delicious, fun food can be more of those fun, theme details.


Party first impressions - How to Plan a Party, ideas by Tinselbox


Final Words on Inspirational Parties

Enjoy your party! When your guests see how much fun you’re having, they’ll follow suit. There’s nothing like a stressed-out host to tense everybody up. Don’t be that host! Have everything completed before the guests arrive.  When they finally arrive, your job is to make everyone feel comfortable, keep the timeline and hold the excitement level. Be a part of the fun!

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