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How to Cook Hard Boiled Eggs So They Peel Easily

by Maria
These hard boiled eggs peel so easily! This is the very best way to cook them. #hardboiledeggs

Haven’t you always wanted to know how long to cook hard boiled eggs so they peel easily? Length of time and using this easy hack for boiling eggs is a GAME-CHANGER! It’s actually a quick steaming approach which is a slam dunk to do and more effective for easy peeling then ALL the methods of cooking I have tried.

It was Easter, and I made 60 eggs, all in one big pot using this hack. It took 12 minutes, and I quickly transported my perfect, easy eggs over to my sister in laws house.   After we dyed them all with the kids for Easter, I left many dozens for them to eat. My sister-in-law called and asked me how I cooked them. Because her children had no trouble peeling them at all.

In fact, this recipe is so easy to peel and so deliciously cooked that her kids ate so many eggs.  What a healthy snack and they can help themselves.


Seems like such a silly thing to dislike peeling boiled eggs. Little bits and pieces of shell left behind or that membrane that gets stuck.  Sometimes when I used to peel I was taking out bitty chunks of egg, and leaving a messy surface. Is it that I hate peeling them or more that it is so gratifying when it peels so easily?

I love when I have the perfect shiny egg surface to bite into when it’s done right.

Is it Easter? You can find simple, effective no dye Easter egg ideas in our DIY section. 


These hard boiled eggs peel so easily! This is the very best way to cook them. #hardboiledeggs

Now let’s boil (or steam) some perfect eggs

Thank you to the amazing chef who experimented until this method of steaming came to be.  Every time I do this, I thank you! Find more about his process and method over at Serious Eats!

These hard boiled eggs peel so easily! This is the very best way to cook them. #hardboiledeggsHOW TO BOIL THE PERFECT EGG FOR PEELING

What you need:

  • A pot big enough to hold the # of eggs you wish to cook.
  • Eggs. 4-60 recommended. 
  • A steamer basket, small glass bowl (optional)

How to steam eggs:

  • Add 1-2 inches of water the bottom or your pot. Add lid and bring to a boil. It will be FAST since there is so little water.
  • Add the steamer basket or glass bowl gently to the bottom of the pot.  You really don’t have to do this, but it’s recommended.
  • Gently add the uncooked eggs to the basket, bowl or pot.  
  • Continue to boil the water, add the lid and steam the eggs 11-13 minutes. 11 minutes leaves a soft inside.  13 minutes is well done.
  • Cool the eggs, slip off the shell and enjoy!

I like to cook 4 eggs at a time because my 5 year old LOVES them. I peel them and place them in a bit of water in the fridge.  They will keep for a week unpeeled.

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Genius Hack for Easy Peeling Hard Boiled

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Marie May 12, 2019 - 7:57 am

Thanks for sharing this with us at the Talk Of The Town Party. I tried it and all be darn it worked with EVERY SINGLE EGG. I’ll never cook hard boiled eggs any other way again!

Maria May 15, 2019 - 4:26 pm

I love it Marie! Thank you for sharing!

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