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Holiday Party Ideas

by Maria
Holiday Party Ideas

Whether it’s a fabulous holiday party in your home or a company holiday party, these events are a cornerstone of our celebrations. If you’re hosting a party or attending one, there is a lot to know about stress-free, successful holiday party ideas that make some lasting memories.

How to Host an Easy (Laid Back) Holiday Party

Even the most laid back, easy party needs a plan.  Writing your party plan down will make the event run smooth and easy.  Think theme, food, drinks to decorations!

Keys to hosting a successful holiday party, in general

  • Pick a Great Theme: Expand on the holiday. Halloween, July 4th, Christmas…they all present great opportunities for a fun theme. Your idea starts in the invite and shows up again in the decorations you choose.
  • Make it Magical: Remember, we’re helping to create memories. A magical, fun experience will do just that. What would your guests love to do?
  • Serve Delicious Food: Think of how much fun you can have with holiday party food and side dishes! It’s a multi sensory experience for all to remember — taste, visual, aroma.

6 GREAT Company Holiday Party Themes:

6 Great Holiday Party Theme Ideas

When it comes to the Winter holidays, you might want to pick a theme that is about more than Christmas. Many companies have diverse employee and client backgrounds, so to be careful is just thoughtful.

With a glue gun and some creativity, you can take these themes to a whole new level, and they work just as well for the hosts who want to keep it all stress-free!

  1. Winter Wonderland: Imagine white accents, greenery and gold settings.  Trees with flock. If you want to avoid seeming too Christmas, leave it simple. Pine cones with white tips, and pine leaves with bows.  This theme is perfect with catering and dancing.
  2. Holiday Lights: Lighted decorations, candles illuminate the room – they set a romantic room. Also think calligraphy menus and fine china. Set up that photo booth to capture the night.
  3. Casino Night:  If dancing just isn’t in the cards for this years company party,  host a casino night. Boost the fun factor and train some of your executives to run the tables.  You might be surprised by the talk around the office the next day — in a good way!
  4. Ugly Sweater Night:  If your company has a sense of humor, you just might need an Ugly Sweater party. Have a contest for the best sweater of the night, bring a potluck and truly be stress-free and budget friendly. Contribute a hot cocoa bar complete with some spiked versions.
  5. Welcome to Candyland:  Imagine an elegant room filled with gumballs, candy canes and jelly beans. Pick a few colors that set the mood you like, and group together large jars of candy. Add bows. And lighting. This theme would be great with a white elephant gift exchange.



6 Awesome Party Ideas for a Home Holiday Party

At home, I usually pick something creative but easy for Christmas.  Every year, we host a Christmas Light Parade. We set up hot cocoa, coffee, spirits, cookies and pizza. Then at some point in the night we all parade a few blocks to look at a local Christmas Tree lane. Easy, and fun for all ages.

  1. Christmas Cookie Party: Whether you have guests bring the baked goodies or you do it all yourself, we all love a cookie party!  Have lots of trays and cake stands to place cookies at different levels. Remember those brownies and bars. Add some hot cider and guests will mingle.
  2. Nutcracker Suite:  This theme is all about the decorations and the music.  Find the Nutcracker Pandora station, and order up on Amazon.  Rifle paper has some of the cutest invitations in paperless post.
  3. Christmas Sock Party: This is a nod to my husband’s family who have attended a sock party for so many years. Everyone brings a festive pair of socks, exchanges them and eats pizza. It’s a great place to mingle for Families.
  4. Holiday Tea Party: Have you considered high tea?  Brunch items on vintage linens, tea sandwiches, tea and coffee.
  5. Decoration Party: It’s an old tradition to invite friends and family over to help decorate the house for the holidays. That doesn’t mean you just pull out the boxes and have them unpack! Carefully unpack ornaments on trays, and buy greenery at the tree lot. Make sure you have all the supplies and lots to eat and drink.
  6. Nativity:  Let’s not forget, if it is Christmas you celebrate, a nativity theme is perfect. This is a great opportunity to bring some inspiring passages, get out your nativity and play some Christmas hymns.

What are the Differences between a Company Holiday Party and a ‘Home’ Holiday Party?

A company Holiday Party is sponsored by your employer, so it should respect the culture of the business and its employee team. Accounting, engineering or legal firms may opt for catered dinners, formal attire and dancing. A creative company may be more inclined to push that aspect through an ugly sweater party or Candyland party

A home party is a more casual gathering. Work parties can be at somebody’s home. Even if it hosted by your boss, expect good food, drinks and a holiday mood.

Your Guide on What to Wear to a Holiday Party

This is what we all stress out over — how to dress for the party! Here’s a quick guide for your Holiday Party:

Cocktail attire: Long or short dresses, collared shirts, dress pants for events.

Black Tie: Long dresses and tuxedos

Casual: Wear what you love. Check the invitation for mention of a theme.

The do’s and don’ts about holiday parties?

The Do's and Don'ts of Holiday Parties - Holiday Party Etiquette

Do: Know the attire. Call HR or the party host if you are not sure or if you don’t find it on the invitation.  Being over or under dressed can make you feel uncomfortable. That’s no fun. Typically the venue and time of event are great clues.

Don’t: At a company party, it is so important to have fun… but not too much fun. If your wild inner child comes out at 3 drinks, stop yourself at two.

Types of venues that work well for company holiday parties.

Start booking your venue early. August is a good time to book, as you’ll be able to find deals and there will be more options. The later you wait, the more limited your options, including date and time of day. So, get started! Here are some great places to have your Holiday Work Party:

  • Halls and Ballrooms:  I have attended a lot of company parties in halls and ballrooms.  This venue usually has approved caterers, decorators and can help coordinate the night. Some will handle it all!
  • Homes: If you have a small staff, invite them over!
  • Restaurants: many great restaurants have a banquet room. The benefit is that they serve the food, hot a few steps from the kitchen.
  • Wine bars: Well any kind of bar, really.
  • Airbnb:  If you are looking for the home feeling, and yet your home is not an option you can rent a home for a day. Leave lots of time for decoration set up, cooking, etc.
  • Peerspace (CA):  Large event spaces are available if you have the budget and want to have activities built in.  For example, in Fisherman’s Wharf there is a 1600 sq foot event hall that fits 90 people. Complete with ping pong, video games, shuffleboard and more.

Tips for Top Holidays for Parties: Christmas, Halloween and Thanksgiving

Tips for the Christmas Holiday

It’s a marathon, and not a race to the eggnog.  It’s starts with purchasing presents, moves to holiday parties and then to the big day.  Being organized will help you feel calm and reduce stress. I love my lists and my calendar.  Remember, you likely can’t do it all, so don’t over commit. And my biggest tip for managing Christmas time is to think about where you want to spend the most time. Plan those first, so the others can fill in where there is room.

Let’s Do a Halloween Party

Halloween Party Ideas from Tinselbox

My favorite thing to do for a Halloween Party is a little DIY. When I say a little, I really do mean that. It might be to spray paint pumpkins with black glitter, do some carving or add some bows to a store made costume. Keep it simple, maybe even elegant. Whatever you do have time for some fun in there too.

Tips for a Thanksgiving Party

My big tip is to find a few dishes to make that reheat well or can be made ahead of time.  On the day, you can focus on your turkey, stuffings and pie.


Start Planning your Holiday Party!

Phew! That’s a lot of information. Check out all of our great entertaining, recipes, and DIY holiday party ideas. Have a great, stress-free Holiday Party!

3 Keys to a Successful Holiday Party - Tinselbox





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