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Infographic: History of Tinsel

by Ryan
History of Tinsel

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The history of Tinsel dates all the way back to 1610, but why don’t we see it gracing our trees anymore? Have you ever wondered what happened to Tinsel? Well, we have because we are bringing it back in a whole new way. Now we hope Tinsel will mean a sparkling, shiny box that comes to your house to make you smile each month.

My own history of Tinsel involves grabbing handfuls of it and throwing all over my grandparents’ tree.  However, the younger generation might not know what Tinsel is at all. They may have heard of it, but never witnessed its true, sparking (if somewhat dated) beauty.

In popular culture Tinsel has been replaced by LED lights that can be programed to change to 72 different colors through an app on their phone (fancy!). It can hardly be found in stores and if you really want it you have to look online or in an antique store.

It seems that technology and modern decor have done away with poor old Tinsel. However, you shouldn’t feel bad for Tinsel. It will forever remain in our hearts as that beautiful sparkly stuff that got everywhere on the shag rug. And TinselBox is determined to give Tinsel a brand new meaning.

But first we here at TinselBox have been wondering where the original Tinsel all started. So we created this nifty infographic just for you on the vast History of Tinsel.




The next time you open your brand new, shiny TinselBox, remember that Tinsel has its own rich history dating back to the King and Queen of England. This holiday season when your grandmother brings out the box of Tinsel, you can tell her where it all came from, then show her your new version of TinselBox!

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