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Good Ol’ Thanksgiving Traditions

by Tesse

Thanksgiving is almost here and for me that means stuffing my face full of turkey and mashed potatoes. Isn’t that what it’s like for everyone? This time of year reminds us of all those Thanksgiving traditions that come along with the holidays, be it good or not-so-good. For some, the holidays mean a warm fire, cozy boots, friendly jokes with family, and delicious food. For others it’s burnt turkey, relatives who arrive half-way through dinner, a brawl at the kids table over the last bread roll, and the age-old feud between Aunt Sue and Uncle Joe that causes incoherent shouting at the table.

At my home, we have a relatively mellow Thanksgiving with the occasional crazy cousin shouting about politics. But with a new little one at the table, I think it’s important to focus on the positive traditions that make Thanksgiving so special. So here are my family’s top 5 traditions:

1. Drinking Margaritas

Ok, this may sound a little strange, but every thanksgiving my mom whips out the blender and makes margaritas while we help her cook in the kitchen. Virgin for the kiddos of course, and ones with a little extra kick for the grow ups. Maybe you can start a special drink tradition of your own! Here is our favorite recipe for margaritas!

2. Saying what we are thankful for

Before dinner starts we make it a point to go around the table and each person takes a turn saying what they are thankful for. Sometimes it’s the roof above our head and sometimes it’s not having to see our crazy boss for 4 whole days. Whatever it is, it’s important to remember what we have to give thanks for.

3. Warm apple pie

Every year my dad is in charge of making the pies. Usually we have an apple pie and a pumpkin pie complete with vanilla ice cream and whipped cream. Mouth watering yet? I know mine is! Yum! Try out this Apple and Cranberry Pie with a Pecan Crust recipe!

4. After dinner walk

Before we park ourselves on the couch in a turkey-induced state, we bundle up, grab the dogs, and go for a cold brisk walk around the block. I don’t know if it’s a way for us to feel like we are working off a few calories, or if we are trying to keep the party going by waking us up with a cold slap in the face from Jack Frost. Whatever it is, those brave enough do it every year.

5. A warm toasty fire

Who doesn’t like cozying up in from of a warm fire? Well after our crazy walk, that’s exactly what we do. We all plop down on the couch around the fire and forget all about the hundreds of dirty dishes calling our names. For now, we just relax, admire our beautiful TinselBox decorations, laugh, and enjoy each other’s company. It’s the perfect way to wrap up a wonderful holiday.

5. Family sets the table

Even something small like setting the table becomes such a great tradition.  We chop together, we sip our margaritas and then we bring everything out to the table. 


So what are some of your most memorable holiday traditions? Maybe yours are similar to mine! Maybe they are completely different! Let us know in the comments below!

Remember all that you have to be thankful for and have a Happy Thanksgiving from all of us here at Tinselbox!

How fun is the idea of a kids table? Check it out!



Good Ol' Thanksgiving Traditions that would be great for your family!


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