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Gift-able Organic Winter Kids Clothes

by Maria

I love this pic so much. The freckles, the teeth and this preppy sweater dress. This is my daughter, Giselle, in her FAVORITE dress of the cold season. I love these clothes so much I had to share. We are LOVING these Hope and Henry Giftable Organic Winter Kids Clothes. #affiliate

Here’s why.

When it comes to clothes, Giselle is hard to please. She is one of these kids who cares most about soft pants, and hates anything “crunchy”. I love to see my kids in cute clothes, like so many other parents and grandparents. But there in lies the problem. I buy her something I love from Nordstroms and she wears the same inexpensive dress one hundred times.

That didn’t happen with Hope and Henry. I loved every thing I bought and she is wearing it all the time.  It’s still soft and cuddly every time we wash it.  I can’t even remember a sweater this child wanted to wear as much.  Now that’s cool, right?

In full disclosure, I have a talented designer friend who works on this launch team. I met her after I was already buying her clothes at a major retailer.  Now she does this, and I am so glad she does. The reason this line is SO MUCH better in my eyes is that this is organic fabric with a sustainability model.


You also have to look at these launch prices. This is incredible.

Thanks to Avery Wong Photography for these pics. 

Hope and Henry Organic Winter Kids Clothes

This is what we bought and LOVED:


Their website: hopeandhenry.com/

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