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Free Printable Halloween Watercolor Ghost Print

by Maria

My heart is feeling happy because Halloween is approaching soon. Then when I look at this free printable Halloween ghost print with gorgeous watercolors, my heart feels REALLY happy. Like my soul just starts to smile. Our amazing watercolor artist, Courtney has created another exclusive print for our holiday enthusiasts!  She just “gets” us.


This Free Printable Halloween Print with Watercolor Ghosts is DARLING! Based on original painting, and free to download.


Halloween is one of my very favorite holidays because my children fill with joy in their little costumes. We get to hang out with friends, and get our party on.

I already started to ask my children what they want to be for Halloween. I know it’s early. We just got back from the summer lake house. I just can’t help myself!

Isabella shouts, “a treasure chest”! I remember last year when she insisted on being a Balloon for Halloween. I will wait an see how this plays out. For this moment, she is sticking to her guns. I am trying not to imagine how hard it will be to make a treasure chest costume.

Besides parties, holidays and family ghosts are right up there in my favorite things.  The sweet kind like these sweet characters. Not the scary ones that walk through hotel walls and scare people in their sleep.

Free Printable Halloween Print with Watercolor Ghosts. Based on original painting, and free to download.

If you want to download our print, it is for personal use only. That means no commercial use. If you share this on your website, you must link to this page. If you are into printables, you know the rules.

Now for those of you who are out of ink or just don’t have time to print, you can buy the GORGEOUS original!


There are TWO ways to enjoy this Halloween Ghost Watercolor Print:


1. Download the Free Printable Halloween Ghost Print >>>

8.5 x 11 Size Halloween Ghost Print

8 x 8 Size Halloween Ghost Print

All downloads are for personal use only. These images and the downloadable files cannot be used for commercial purposes.  If you are a blogger, who shares our content, you must link to our page and not upload the file directly to your site. 


2. Buy an original or print you like

I am no stranger to just buying what I want when I want too.  These original watercolor paintings are gorgeous, and her work is affordable for everyone who just loves pretty things.

If this one is gone, try another. The detail is fantastic! This silver shimmers in the light.

I have tagged her shop in my Thoughtful gifts Pinterest board. I am thinking of Christmas gifts, custom designs for baby showers and prints with names.



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