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Free Printable Cards for Father’s Day

by Maria

I can’t believe June is almost here already. If you are going to see dad, I bet he will love these free printable cards for Father’s Day. We love the boho-chic vibe of these fun downloadables.

First off we created the boho-chic arrow card. I just love this trend with arrows, dream catchers, and feathers. I don’t know what it is, but we could not RESIST!

This card you can use this all year long for birthdays, parties and thank you’s. We did that on purpose because there isn’t just one way to celebrate your dad. You can get the printable files below.


My dad was an awesome guy, so this collection is super special to me.  Because he passed away so long ago, I take every joy in helping people connect with their own fathers.  My dad would have loved a card with some color, so we created a watercolor design.

Check out this watercolor version:


Last but not least, if you want to shout it from the rooftops, this card is for you. This black and white downloadable that says I love you, Dad.

My printer is a bit misaligned today, so my print of this card is not as amazing as it could be. I didn’t want that to let that stop me from sharing because this important day is approaching so quickly!


These files are for personal use ONLY. Links below are for download.

DOWNLOAD Boho Chic Card for Dad:

DOWNLOAD Love You Dad, Shout Out Card



DOWNLOAD Watercolor Father’s Day Card:

Free printable cards for Fathers Day

Let us know your favorite so we can make more for other events.  Watercolor, always. Flamingos, of course. I’m also obsessed with this boho-chic trend so you will be seeing lots more tee-pees and arrows. That is at least for now.

How to Print:

I created a full sheet PDF, so all you have to do is to click on the download links above. Then you will print on cardstock OR pre-cut notecards. Wala!


Feeling ambitious? Print these cactus props for your party with dad.


Have a great Father’s Day.

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