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Never Lose An Easter Egg with our Scavenger Hunt

by Ryan

I loved decorating eggs at Easter when I was a kid. I made sure each egg had personality and unlike any other of the eggs. Even better was Easter morning when my brother would run through the house searching for the eggs that we made and seeing the funny spots that the Easter bunny found to trick us.

Every Easter without fail, there would be one egg that remained hidden after the Easter egg hunt. To my mothers dread, the stinky egg could be easily found in the house by just following its odor from behind the couch, or behind the TV, or even under the bed.

I can remember the laughs that it would bring when we figured out which of the eggs it was – the yellow one with polka dots or the hot pink one with white wax crayon lines. But after the laughs would swear that this would never happen again.

And finally one year – we devised a scavenger hunt that was not only fun but also a fool-proof way to keep track of all of our eggs.

Being that I grew up in Michigan, the egg hunts were always inside. Finding brightly colored eggs in a coat of white snow was actually really easy and certainly way too cold.

The Easter Egg Scavenger Hunt

Our scavenger egg hunt is great for some smart hunting. It makes the kids read and figure out clues. We have made a free printable to help you get started. (The cards are for clues inside one’s home. Not everyone can hunt outside – remember, I am a Michigan kid at heart.) Here is how it works.

easter egg hunt begins

There are a series of clues on cards that you cut out. I have created the same clues on four different colored cards – so that each child you have may be able to have their own adventure – or just use one set and make them work together. I also included some blank cards for your own creativity.

Once the cards are all cut out – and separated into stacks by color…. Shuffle them. Then take the first one off the stack. This is the clue card that your child will start with. Maybe it says, “YOUR SOCKS, SOCKS, SOCKS,” this means that you proceed to the sock drawer and hide one egg or a treat, along with the next card. 


The next card you’ve hidden may say, “WHERE OSCAR THE GROUCH WOULD LIVE?” Then you would go to a trash can in the house and repeat the process with the next card… going through the whole deck until you hide the last card. That card will direct them to final hiding spot of their Easter basket, a special treat, or a special note from the Easter bunny. Feel free to swap cards during the process so the final hiding spot is a good one for the final prize.


If you do all 4 color tracks, tell each child to only take their color card in each spot – because the other three colors will be there too. And tell them to only take one egg or treat in each spot.

easter egg hunt

This game is fully customizable. You may not want to use the whole deck, or you may want to add more. As long as each card leads to another, it should be no problem.


Not Only for Easter

The great thing about this game is that you don’t even need eggs – it could just be a hunt to the Easter basket – or even the hunt to a birthday present, or a reward for getting all the words right on a spelling test… it is also evergreen.

No two hunts are the same, and with so many possible answers to the questions (how many trash cans can one house have), the actual hiding spot could always be a little different.

We hope that you find joy this Easter with our Easter egg scavenger hunt cards. We know that you will have a lot of fun setting up the game and you will never lose an Easter egg again. Click here to download the deck of Easter egg scavenger hunt cards.


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