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DIY TIC TAC TOE Outdoor Game

by Ryan
tic tac toe outdoor game

Being that the weather is great all year long where we live (usually), we spend a great deal of time outdoors in the back yard. We eat, do work and just relax in our backyard oasis. We have also done our fair share of games. One our families fun games to do when waiting is play tic tac toe. So I decided that it would be a great idea to make my own outdoor game version that looked classy and was still fun to play for parents and kids.


tic tac toe outdoor game


The project is pretty simple. All you need is an old cutting board, some outdoor paint, paint markers and 10 flat rocks. Five rocks will be for X’s and the other 5 are for O’s. If you want to do extra – try to find rocks for each group of 5 that are either dark or light. We found our rocks on various walks across town over a series of weeks. It was an outdoor game itself for my son and I.

tic tac toe outdoor game

Take the old cutting board and measure out the tic tac toe board. The size can vary depending on rock size or the cutting board size. Then tape off areas you don’t want paint on. We used blackboard paint so that we could use chalk if we ever wanted to. We also recommend outdoor paint so that the game can be an outdoor game.

tic tac toe outdoor game

tic tac toe outdoor game

Then using the template of X’s and O’s that we created, cut out the X and O that best fits your rocks. Download the template here. Then trace around it onto the rock and then fill in the X and O. You can use paint markers to fill in the X’s and O’s. If you want some extra flair – use gold or a bronze.

tic tac toe outdoor game

Because this is an outdoor game, we sealed the rocks. Plus the lacquer gives the rock a nice shine.

tic tac toe outdoor game

Now family gatherings include an outdoor game of tic tac toe – rounds and rounds of tic tac toe. Wants some other ideas on things you can do in your backyard – check out DIYnCRAFTS.com articles on 35 Ridiculously Fun DIY Backyard Games.



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