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DINO-Mite Dinosaur Birthday Bash

by Tinselbox
Dino-Mite Dinosaur Birthday Party Inspiration

Doesn’t it seem like every kid goes through a dinosaur stage? When my oldest daughter was in it, she could rattle off so many facts and names of dinosaurs I had never even heard of. When Sonny celebrated his 6th birthday, he didn’t have to just imagine and play pretend–his party was a legit DINO-Mite Dinosaur Birthday Bash!

This amazing party was created and styled by M&J Kreations. If you want an original party filled in opulent elegance, she is your girl.  With golden treats, and unique details she is one to watch. Follow her on Facebook or Instagram.

Dino-Mite Dinosaur Birthday Party Inspiration

DINO-Mite Dinosaur Birthday Bash

Sometimes it seems like boy’s parties don’t get the same attention as parties for girls. Not for Sonny, however. From the jaw-dropping entrance to the handcrafted desserts to the realistic dino decor; every detail made this a party to top all others. So let’s get to those amazing details, shall we? This party is going to knock your socks off, so in the words of the immeasurable Samuel L. Jackson, “Hold on to your butts.”

Let’s talk about this entrance–these huge Jurassic World inspired doors, dinosaur, and gorgeous greenery set the theme of this party, and lets guests know this is going to be a Hollywood caliber event!

dino-mite-birthday-bashEnter through the gates, and you are transported into Sonny’s World. A world filled with lush green tropical plants, natural wood accents, and lots and lots of dinosaurs, of course!


A DINO-mite dinosaur centerpiece roared over each table, complete with species-specific fun facts.

The party also included a kids table, complete with hatching dino babies, floral centerpieces, a goodie box, themed coloring sheet, and all-natural tableware. Now, this is a kids’ table I would not mind being stuck at.

Check out the colored pencils that look like twigs–talk about attention to detail!

By using paper & bamboo tableware, not only does it match the theme, but it’s also compostable and good for the earth.

Sweet Treat Details

Onto the piece de resistance, and what M&J Kreations is known for–the dessert table! There is SO much good stuff happening here, but the “Sonny’s World” sign really makes it a showstopper.

The cake alone is simply amazing. With a realistic dino baby sitting atop a tier that looks just like a real moss-covered tree stump, all the way down to the hand-painted bottom tier–this cake is certainly a work of art. Isn’t that little guy so cute?

Dinosaur egg shaped cake pops are a unique spin on the classic party dessert. Rounding out the dessert table were test tube treats, hand decorated caramel apples, custom sugar cookies, dipped rice Krispy treats, jurassic cupcakes, dino donuts and dinosaur jars of trail mix. There was no sweet treat was left out of this party!

Sonny had the birthday party of a lifetime, and his face surely shows it! Happy Birthday buddy!dino-mite-birthday-bash

And, if you can believe it, there was even more to this party–a game truck, super cute photo booth, a caricature artist, and catering provided by a taco truck. Check out M&J Kreation’s Facebook page to see a really cool video of this DINO-Mite Birthday Bash.

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