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Cute Letterpress Script Free Printables

by Tinselbox
Cute Letterpress Script Free Printables_Kiss Me

Can you guys believe May is almost over! I feel like I was just putting my Easter decorations away not too long ago and now all our summer activities are just around the corner.  With all the hustle and bustle of the end of the school year, we are so thankful to our resident artist, Courtney Bray. In addition to being a talented artist, she is a 7th-grade teacher and amid the end of school year craziness, she hand-painted some cute letterpress script free printables for us! It’s a fun bunch of all-purpose sentiments. Read on for all the fun details and how to download your very own.

Crushed It!

Cute Letterpress Script Free Printables_CrushedIt

The end of the school year means graduation time. And what better time to tell someone they crushed it! If you’ve got a graduate to celebrate, you could use this cute letterpress script free printable as a sign-in guest book that doubles as a gift to the honoree. Simply print it out, get a signature mat for all your guests to leave their well-wishes or advice for the new grad, and frame it all after the party is over. This sweet sentiment is perfect for anyone who deserves special congratulations for their recent accomplishments. We have it for you as a print (in different colors!) and as a card as well.

Kiss Me

Cute Letterpress Script Free Printables_Kiss Me

I know you can think of a few sweet reasons to use this cute script free printable. Slip it into your sweetie’s lunch for a darling little love note, print it large scale and hang it over your bed, or use for a cheeky anniversary card. The hand-painting is really accentuated by the fun paint splatters in the background.

Love You to the Moon

Cute Letterpress Script Free Printables_Love You

Here’s another really sweet sentiment to share with someone you love. This one is also great for so many uses. Print and hang in a nursery, use as a sweet birthday card, or just use it as a fun little love note for someone special. Like all the other cute script free printables, we have this for you in 3 different colors, as well as in card and print formats.

You Blew It

Cute Letterpress Script Free Printables_You Blew It

And finally, well…sometimes you just need to let someone know how you really feel. This punny card gets your message across, but with a little less sting. I am a sucker for punny cards, as are so many of my friends.  I really hope you don’t feel like someone blew it and left you disappointed, but if you do, at least you have a cute card to let them know all about it!

Cute Letterpress Script Free Printables

Let’s get the disclaimer out of the way. We created this printable for personal use only.  Print for your mom, or your house or your party.   However, none of our downloads can be used for commercial purposes. You cannot create products, advertising or use publicly without permission.  All rights are reserved for these copyrighted images to Tinselbox.

Also, we love when bloggers share our prints. However, if you do you must link back to this page, and not directly to the print file.

How to use these files:

  • Click the link below. Wait fully for download.
  • After the image appears, right-click to save the file to your computer or phone
  • Print it at the size you would like. Cardstock paper is recommended.
  • Frame or post up on the fridge with a magnet.
  • For the card downloads, simply print on standard 8 1/2 x 11 paper, and fold in half twice to create a card.

Crushed It Print: Black | Gold | Navy

Crushed It Card: Black | Gold | Navy

Kiss Me Print: Black | Gold | Navy

Kiss Me Card: Black | Gold | Navy

Love You to the Moon Print: Black | Gold | Navy

Love You to the Moon Card: Black | Gold | Navy

You Blew It Print: Black | Gold | Navy

You Blew It Card: Black | Gold | Navy

We hope you enjoy your cute letterpress script free printables!


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