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Courtney Bray | Watercolor Artist

by Maria

I was browsing through Instagram one day when I ran across this watercolor print video. An artist was leafing gold paint onto beautifully painted flowers. It was mesmerizing. As I chatted with Courtney Bray about her work, I learned she wasn’t just an artist but an AMAZING, interesting person.

I am so over the moon that she will join our team and share her creations with our readers.

This is her story:


Growing up on a farm in rural KY has played a significant role in my artistic style. My mom’s garden and flower beds were always filled with the most gorgeous, colorful blooms and I spent a lot of time outdoors in the fields and woods and around our various animals.


You can see evidence of this in the flora and fauna based art that I produce and the bold colors I tend to gravitate towards. Painting is my passion and my outlet. I love the energy that painting gives me and it’s something that I crave after a long day of teaching. Painting brings me joy, and I hope that the art I create brings joy to others as well!

Courtney’s a small town girl living in the city.  She has two adopted dogs: a boxer mix and a Chihuahua mix.  She loves to travel and recently swam with the wild dolphins.


Tulip Poplar Co by Courtney Bray


You think this is pretty as a print? Imagine it as an original.

Check out the Tulip Poplar Co by Courtney Bray Etsy Shop.


Find Courtney’s work on Tinselbox:
Watercolor Summer Lovin’ Floral


More Courtney on Instagram:


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