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Celebrate with a Danish Valentines – Gaekkebrev

by Maria

I love to look at holiday traditions around the world and teach my children that there is a big universe out there with lots of history.  One of the old traditions that stood out to me this year was the Danish Valentine, the Gaekkebrev.  This is also known as a “lovers card”.

It is also commonly known as a joke letter and has been a version has been a tradition in Danish countries since before the 1400s.  I wont make you wait any longer to find out how this creation is made.

It starts with cutting out a snowflake from lightweight paper. Then you write a joke, a love note or anything you like. You finish it off without your name. Just add a dot for each letter in your name as a hint. The recipient has to guess who gave it to them!

It’s a snowflake, poem, mystery Valentine.


Fold a sheet of paper several times into a small triangle and cut small pieces like a snowflake.  Then add a poem, joke, love letter or whatever you like.

Danish Valentine Gaekkebrev

We made many and they all came out differently. The kids just liked to describe the person they were giving it too. They just wrote down all the fun things that came to mind. We gave several to my mom, who was sick that day. We gave several to dad (and he tried to pretend not to know who created it).


An actual Danish tutorial is here! If you plan to make a Danish person your Valentine, you will need to add some Snowdrop flowers. You will also give them an Easter egg if they guess correctly who created it.

This is a fun project and a thoughtful Valentine. We hope you enjoy it.




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Sherry February 18, 2017 - 5:35 pm

This is adorable! Thanks for sharing at Funtastic Friday.

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