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Cactus Summer Party

by Maria

We are obsessed with the cactus. Our box was filled with cactus decorations and delights. Now we are sending you all the great ideas for a cactus summer party of your own. This includes recipes, crafts and decorations.

  1. Make your own Cactus!


    These cactus are so adorable. If you are feeling in a crafty mood, you can create these cardboard cacti. They are easy and just take a little DIY. We used these items to set our table.


2.  Make some amazing recipes

cashews mexican spice

We love the idea of Spiceologist Cowboy Crust Cashews on our party table.

Fathers Day Recipes

Create a wonderful fiesta barbecue with spices. We used Aleepo Chili Powder to spice these up. Also check out TastyTin for more BBQ recipes.


3. Make an Ice Cream Taco

Ice Cream Tacos

You can makes this with a taco shell, a cup or a waffle bowl. Check out how to now!

4. Decorations!

We love the cactus, so we found lots of cute decorations for the fiesta summer party.



Partytime! Tinselbox sent out some amazing items to celebrate a cactus party! #welovecactus


Party Partners has these great stirrers. Wonderful for a margarita. They come in a cute vintage inspired package.



Adorable cactus banner by MissMollieShop. It sparkles!



We hope you will celebrate using our cactus summer theme. Send us your photos!



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