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Past Subscription Box – Mother’s Day

by Tinselbox
Best subscription XL


Handmade Luxurious Soap

by Juniper Tree

This soap is beautiful and luxurious. We featured 3 key recipes Cottonberry (WHITE), Lilac (PURPLE) and Moonflower (PINK FLOWER).  All smelled amazing and have a very soft touch.


Spanish Lip Balm in Violet

by Gal

Soft and silky lips pampering Spanish style. This pretty tin will look great in my vanity.


Salted Caramel Chocolates

by Katies Candies

Four piece mix of salted caramel chocolates are just dreamy. Just the right amount of happy.


Mama Card


We love everything Glitterpress, and this adorable gold shimmer card is no exception! You’re welcome, mom.


And More…

We also included a facial mask with Korean formula, an exclusive Mothers Day table card, 1.5 oz trial bath scrub from Juniper Tree and a sprig of delightful lavender.



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And JUST for Our Tinselbox XL Customers…


Gold Leaf Mugs


These gold leaf mugs came in these 3 adorable designs. Luxury for your morning coffee.


Vintage Style Rose Ring

by LovelyFleur

Handmade, vintage style ring with style to fit any woman.


All the Extras

We also included more bath scrub and sweet candle.

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Happy Customers!

This is a totally amazing box and one of my new favorite subscriptions. Tinselbox absolutely does a ton of work curating perfect party items that are stylish and fun, and combines them with tips and hints throughout the year. Everything was really just gorgeous and well-coordinated …  I both agree that the large box is where it’s at, although the smaller box is still cute and fun, we love getting the additional items. If you like adding a little cheer all year long with a celebration we highly recommend this subscription!

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