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Best Ideas to Reuse Birchbox Boxes

by Maria

I subscribed to Birchbox for a very long time. I found some great products that I still use to this day, and I also have a bunch of empty, beautiful boxes sitting in my storage.  Birchbox was my gateway to my current subscription box obsession. Did you know there is some psychology to the fact that women love pretty boxes?  Certainly, I am one of the people they should have studied.  Now it is time to organize, so I went searching for the best ideas on Pinterest for reusing your Birchbox boxes.

First, I will show you my DIY after all that Pinterest research.

My method is simple and yet pretty. You know that is my modus operandi.

Best Ideas on Pinterest to Reuse Birchbox Boxes

I started with two Birchbox boxes to reuse. Do you have these two? I loved them both, but it is time to let go.

Pretty, wrapped Christmas and Birthday Gift Boxes

Birchbox boxes best reuse on Pinterest

For the white box with Chevron, I didn’t want to cover up the gorgeous silver shimmering pattern. I just placed a cute Emily McDowell tag over the Birchbox logo, and tied up with a box. Wala! This is one of the prettiest of all my Christmas present boxes under the tree.

Next up to conquer the red box.  This box had lots of text, so I decided to cover it with the ridiculously cute free printable Reindeer Christmas paper from Craftberry Bush. The paper comes in so many colors, it’s a free downloadable and a single sheet is the perfect size to cover the lid.

I know, I have mentioned this cute paper before. I just had to wrap something with it!

As I mentioned, a letter size paper fits perfectly. I used a glue stick to glue the paper centered on the top of the box.  Then I glued the ends down, and use a scissors to cut slits on the corners.  Then glue the remaining two sides. Very simple DIY project.

Here are the other ideas we thought were the best on Pinterest.

More Best Ideas on Pinterest to Reuse Birchbox Boxes

There are some great ideas out there on Pinterest, but to help you get only the best ones we made a list.

Tissue Paper Box

We love the idea of making a tissue paper box. Cut a hole and fill with tissue.

Now you can sneeze in luxury.

Tissue paper reuse DIY for birchbox box


Box for your cords

I like this idea from Birchbox themselves. It’s a box for your cords. I seem to have cords everywhere, so maybe I need to try this one.

Washi Tape Organizer

Another great photo of a Birchbox reuse idea. I have crazy amounts of washi tape, so I love this idea.  The box is the perfect size.Washi Tape Birch Box Organizer

Baby Wipe Container

Just to take the tissue paper to the next level, I made this baby wipe container. All you have to do is to  cut the top off of a baby wipe bag, and then the same size hole to your box. Glue the wipe lid on top of the box. This one is going to my sister-in-law for Christmas.

Love these ideas, give us a link if you have something to add.  We love more of these best ideas on Pinterest to reuse Birchbox boxes.  Leave a comment. I have many more boxes to reuse!

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