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American Girl Cafe Birthday Party

by Maria

Of course, since my daughter knows I love to throw epic handcrafted parties, she insisted that we have an American Girl cafe birthday party. This is one of those venues where they do everything from food, decorations, and cake. That is a bit ironic! Since there was nothing for me to do, I decided to post my American Girl cafe birthday party review including the costs.

When I went online I could not find any reviews and their American Girl Party website felt a bit vague. I wanted to know the hidden costs and what I could bring.

As a mom, I like to know what to expect so I can be prepared. At least, I can give my readers that preparation.

Now there is a chance that it is not clear on the website because it changes per location or changes frequently. Don’t kill the messenger! Make sure you ask questions before you book your cafe party.


The American Girl Cafe’s and party rooms are at most store locations. Check the website. Our party was in Palo Alto, the shopping hub of the Silicon Valley. They allowed us to choose either the cafe or a private party room. The cafe limit was 8 guests including a parent. The party room could hold a lot more birthday guests.

I insisted that we keep the guests to 6 girls, birthday girl, and mommy. I wanted to teach her that she could have this party but would need to invite only best friends. Since we were driving the guests, it was important that mom & dad could stay sane and keep it small.

Being in the store added a layer of excitement to our party. We live about 45 minutes away from the store, so many of the girls had never been.  Walking up to the front there were cheers of joy!

I give the location a perfect score because the kids ran around looking at everything. Now my tiny crew was 9 years old, so they could wander around the store themselves just a bit.  If I had younger kids in tow, I might need to have more parents or go right to the party room.

My husband chased the three-year-old around the WHOLE TIME!


The cafe was sweet. Several of the young party guests mentioned their LOVE of the hot pink floral accents. I think they really understand the aesthetic dreams of a 7 to 10-year-old girl. In general, it was pretty minimal but cute.



The website states there would be a party coordinator. That was very strong terminology for the girl to serve us our pizza and drinks. Now if I was on Yelp, I might write a lot more about this. However, all locations will have different staff so I won’t go into too much detail. I will say there was no coordinator that I could see.

The hairstyles were the highlight of the party. The young lady who did hair transformed these dolls into works of art. The girls gathered around in awe.  She was super sweet in really understood kids this age.

After 2 small slices of pizza, there were some activities to do.

  • Postcards with stickers
  • Skirt decorating kit
  • Charades
  • Coloring project



We had 2 slices of pizza each and an adorable cake! They also provided soda, lemonade or water for each girl. At least in our case, there was no other food allowed inside. It was okay because the party is only 90 minutes.

The cake presentation was a nice surprise. They served it up on a sweet platter with ice cream in a tiny post. It was just the right amount of sugar, and there was excitement when it arrived.



We paid just around $400 for 7 girls, but I have to say that we didn’t spend almost any money on anything else.  We had the Deluxe Party, with Pizza for 7 girls, one adult.

Important to note: At the end of the party they will request a 15-30% tip.  Be prepared for that on top of your per child amount.

Estimated Party for 7 in cafe:  7 kids, 1 adult, with pizza plus 20% tip = $400

Estimated Party for 15 in private room:  15 kids, 5 adults, with pizza plus 20% tip = $1026

This is what the American Girl website said the day we booked it for the Delux Party (limit 8 guests):

$37 per girl, $10 per adult
For Groups 2 – 8

Give your girl the party of her dreams. This deluxe package includes 90 minutes of time in a semi-private party room:

  • A special doll hairstyle for each attendee’s doll (limit one per attendee) performed by an American girl doll hair salon stylist
  • Signature cake and ice cream and choice of beverages
  • Table activity and take-home craft
  • Goody bags and doll tiaras
  • A special gift for the birthday girl
  • Digital invitations
  • A personalized party coordinator to enhance your special day

Parties are booked based on availability. Pizza may be ordered for party guests for an additional fee. Other restrictions may apply.


Party for 6+

For $10 more for each girl, you can upgrade to the larger room in the back. Seems like everything was exactly the same except you are not in the cafe. It has the capacity for many more kids and parents as well.


My daughter who loves the American Girl Cafe loved her party. If you shop at the store, you know it will be on the higher end of the price per child, but they went home with SO MANY GIFTS. They had doll skirts, hats, doll balloons and a goodie bag of misc things.

Every attendee loved the party, so I consider that a big huge win!

As a mom, I am so happy when all these girls are happy.


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