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Adorable and Easy Shopkins Party All The Kids Will Love

by Maria


When my daughter asked for a Shopkins party, it took me a minute to gather my thoughts. I really wanted to do an adorable and easy Shopkins party that all the kids would love. Being pretty and fun would be a bit of a challenge.  You know by now that I have a passion for celebrations, but I like to accomplish something amazing which is also easy to execute.

Did you know that Shopkins won the 2015 Girl Toy of the Year in Australia, beating out Barbie and everything Disney? Well I know that my daughter loves to collect them.

Shopkins Party Supplies

We went to Amazon and picked up some licensed Shopkins products, and then later I mixed them with some pretty pinks, blues and golds.  In order to have a more easy, pretty mood you do not want to buy everything with a licensed character! Oh please, no!  It looks amazing to mix the party goods, with Shopkins supplies with a little easy homemade. I will give you the exact links to what I bought to make it easy for you.



BTW I drove around to 3 stores first to get certain Shopkins items and found the stores empty.  Whole sections wiped clean not a Poppy Corn in site. Luckily we were in a great mood, so we just laughed it off.

What I bought from Amazon and Etsy:

The Desserts

It is an absolute requirement that the desserts be delicious. When I think of a party for kids, I think about what makes them happy. They love fun games and yummy desserts.  In this case I made a cake and Shopkins cupcakes. Get the buttercream frosting and the Easy Shopkins cupcake details!


The Crafts

Poppy-Corn bags

We made the cutest bags of Poppy-Corn! These were a huge hit with the kids and they were super easy.

  • Print a 4×6 image of Poppy Corn and cut to shape
  • Take a brown lunch bag and cut to be slightly less tall than your Poppy Corn
  • Glue the Poppy Corn on the bag
  • Fill the Bag with Popcorn!
Poppy corn bag filled with fresh popped popcorn.

Poppy corn bag filled with fresh popped popcorn.

Other crafts & decorations

I would hardly call the rest of this a craft because I spent so little time, but the details make a big difference in the party ambiance.

  • Gold foil table cards with Shopkin food name in Gold Calligraphy Pen
  • Hot pink flowers
  • Attached the Shopkins Photo Props to all the hanging decorations
  • Water labels with pinwheel straws



3 Easy Old School Games – Shopkins Style

1. Cookie Cookie Pinata

All the kids loved the Cookie Cookie piñata from Etsy. I filled it with favors like candy cell phones, star glasses and such.  I put a tiny bit of candy in it so that there wouldn’t be tears, but the kids actually love the shopping items.  I didn’t realize the cell phone had eye shadow in it until a few of the girls had it on. Oops. Sorry, moms. This first pic is my littlest giving Cookie a good hit.


2. Googy Egg & Spoon Game

I had each of the kids draw a Googy face on their raw white egg. Then we raced them with spoons and had tossing contests. First up is my daughter, Giselle, taking her time to gently coddle her pretty egg. She got a lot more competitive as the rounds went on.


3. Burlap Shopping Races

Love these giant burlap sacks! At first the kids were not too sure about hoping inside, but once they did it was tons of laughs.


Adorable and Easy Shopkins Party All The Kids Will Love

I set up a dessert table, a food table and a gift table. We let the kids play games and it was a great day. Here are some of the party pics.

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