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90s Movies You Must Rewatch | With the Perfect Drink Pairings

by Higgins
90s Movies You Must Rewatch With the Perfect Drink Pairings
What’s better than a list of the best re-watchable 90’s films of all time?  How about the perfect beverage pairing to go with them? There is, of course, too many great 90’s films to mention. These eleven, however,  stand out and by following my simple beverage suggestions, you’re sure to have the cinematic experience to rival all cinematic experiences.  Trust me.  


The Coen brothers released five films in the 90’s, all of which deserve a rewatch.  My favorite of them is Miller’s Crossing but for this list I’m choosing Fargo. 

90s Movies You Must Rewatch - Fargo

It perfectly blends the Coen’s quirky sense of humor into a true life story of greed, violence and innocence. Starring the impeccable Oscar winning Frances McDormand, Fargo is a neo-noir caper that is paced like a detective thriller but plays like a broadway farce. 
If you want to see the whole list of Coen’s movies, check it out here.
With a supporting cast to die for, I can’t think of a better way to spend a Friday night don’t ya know.  For the binge watchers, the FX series is just as good and there are three seasons of that out there don’t ya know. 
What to drink: Time to put away the wood chipper, grab the popcorn bowl, a cold watery domestic can of beer and get to work.  
90s Movies You Must Rewatch- matrix

The Matrix

So often sci-fi films, which are generally on the cutting edge of technology when they’re released, don’t age well.  This is not the case for the Warchowski’s revolutionary sci-fi “bullet time’ adventure.
Aside from its many bits of action eye candy, The Matrix, in all its tight black leather cladded glory, made popular the ubiquitous idea of the red pill vs. the blue pill.  (Take the blue pill and face reality or take the red pill and live in blissful ignorance.)  Regardless of what choice you make, a rewatch of the Matrix is always a good one.   
What to drink: I suggest pairing this gothic techno-thriller with a big pretentious red in an inappropriate glass and/or cold shots of clear liquor.   

Groundhog’s Day 

There are a bevy of films in which the lead character experiences the same day over and over again – terrific films like Source Code and Edge of Tomorrow. None, however, are as good as this classic starring American treasure Bill Murray.  It’s the kind of quotable classic comedy that strikes the right balance between cornball and heart.
90s Movies You Must Rewatch

Image by © Barbara Walz/Corbis

What to drink:  I’m pairing this picture with one too many glasses of Rose in a glass that’s way too expensive for its contents.  The one you save for the good stuff.  Go ahead treat yourself to a good glass. You deserve it.  Good glass and less good rose.  


Director Danny Boyle’s opus about four Scottish friends and their drug-filled escapades never gets old.  It is a darkly comic masterpiece that perfectly captures the thrill and abandonment of youth while still having a rooted heart. 
90s Movies You Must Rewatch- Trainspotting
Its lessons hit deep but Boyle navigates his characters through enough shenanigans to keep the lows from suffocating the poignancy of the film. 
What to drink:  Bold, Brash and incredibly re-watchable, Trainspotting is definitely a “scotch in your favorite coffee cup” kind of film. Leave the bottle out.  


When deciding between Director David Fincher’s Se7en and Fight Club, both of which deserve a re-watch, I settled on Se7en. 
90'as Movies You Must Rewatch - Se7en
Fight Club is a more inventive film cinematically, but Se7en is the gold standard in the serial killer genre. It’s brooding, mysterious and an edge of your seat thrill ride. It also teams Brad Pitt with Morgan Freeman, which in retrospect, is a stroke of genius. Pitt brings his customary swagger to the role but it is his vulnerability that sells the character.  It’s a role he probably couldn’t pull off today.  His newness and Hollywood pretty boy naivety were perfectly suited for the role in 1995.  Balance that with Morgan’s grandeur and…poof…magic that fits in a box.  Pun intended.  
What to drink:  For Se7en, I have but one word – shots! You choose.  Little known fact, the F-bomb is dropped 74 times in this film so if you’re feeling brave, I smell a drinking game here.  


Shut up.  You love Titanic or you’re lying to yourself. It’s long, it’s hammy and it stands up every time you spend three-plus hours being “king of the world.”  Perhaps it’s the unexpectedly wonderful chemistry shared by the unlikely pairing of Kate and Leo, or maybe its groundbreaking special effects that, for the most part still hold up. Sure those things play a part but whether we want to admit it or not, James Cameron makes really good movies. 
90'as Movies You Must Rewatch - titanic
He might be a pompous ass in real life but the man just doesn’t miss.  Could any other filmmaker make a compelling melodrama about the most famous ship in history, infuse it with a believable love story, spend ninety minutes of its run actually sinking the damn thing and break every know cinematic record in the process?  Nope.  
What to drink:  Start with a Martini –  shaken, two olives.  Transition to Red wine for the middle bits and when the mighty liner starts going tits up, cognac.  The proper glasses are a must here.  That means bring out the crystal if you have it.

Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas

90's Movies You Musat Rewatch - Fear and Loathing

Too old to do drugs anymore? Never did drugs but want to know what they’re like?  No worries, just throw this drug-addled romp on again. The perfect vehicle for Johnny Depp’s quirky mannerisms, this Terry Gilliam “trip” is debauchee at its best.  Highlighted by one of Benicio Del Toro’s best performances, Fear and Loathing is that perfect blend of surrealism and the search for artistic truth…so light Sunday afternoon fair…
What to drink:  I suggest a very dry martini and a sleeve of Pringles here.  Actually, check that.  The more I think about it,  this is definitely an umbrella-topped, rum soaked fruit juice quaff for sure.  If you watching your carb, however, go with the martini.  

Edward Scissorhands

Of all the wonderful worlds created by Tim Burton in his early career (yes I said early because things got rough for the auteur later), the most lovely one was the one about the quiet outcast known as Edward. 
90's Movies You Must Rewatch - Edward
A tender love story wrapped into a tale of suburban xenophobia.  Johnny Depp and Winona Ryder were both at their peaks. The supporting cast was marvelous as well and this movie has Vincent Freakin’ Price in it.  Burton succeeds past his aesthetic by focusing in on the love story and letting his actors do the rest. 
What to drink:  The film is rewatchable anytime but has a particular sweetness over the holidays.  Just sayin’.  In the warm weather, get out the blender and whip up some Brandy Alexanders.  When the snow starts piling up, curl up with a warm Spanish Coffee or some nice mulled wine.  
See where Edward Scissorhands ranks among director Tim Burton’s films here.


90's Movies You Must Rewatch - sceam

Scream saved the slasher film by turning the genre on its head.  This meta-horror film manages to find time for humor amongst all of the screaming co-eds and masked knife-wielding psychopaths.  With one of the most iconic openings in its genre, Scream never fails to be a really wonderful rewatch.  Oh, and it introduced the world to Skeet Ulrich.  You remember good old Skeet right?  Right? 
What to drink:  You’re going to need to go to your local liquor store and get a keg (pony will do) and some red solo cups for this one.  Shots of something gross like Fireball or Jaegermeister if you must have an accompaniment.  

The Blair Witch Project

Found footage films are a dime a dozen these days but it all started here.
90's Movies You Must Rewatch - Blair Witch
Of all the accomplishments and breakthroughs this film makes perhaps the most amazing one is that it made the name Josh terrifying. If you don’t remember why that’s so terrifying,  you are due for a rewatch.  If you do remember, turn off the lights and enjoy being extremely creeped out again.  It’s also in the woods y’all and the woods are freakin’ terrifying. 
What to drink:  Fill a flask with your favorite hooch and get in a sleeping bag for full effect.  
If you want a list of more essential horror films, check it out here.

The Silence of the Lambs

90's Movies You Must Rewatch - silence of the lambs

Most will remember this movie for Hannibal Lecter and for good reason.  Pound for pound he’s one of cinema’s most memorable characters and Hopkins, who won the Academy Award for the role, kills it. 
This psychological horror thriller is so much more the Dr. Lecter though.  Jodie Foster’s performance, which also won an Oscar, is worth a revisit alone.  The Silence of the Lambs is also a great FBI procedural and one of the best serial killer films next to the likes of Se7en. All these things add up to a film that just never gets old.  
What to drink: Chianti and some fava beans…duh.  
Honorable mentions include Election – one of Reece Witherspoon’s best and most underrated performances, Shawshank Redemption – arguably Stephen Kings best cinematic adaptation, and Richard Linklater’s Before Sunrise – the first part to one of the best romantic film trilogies of all time.  

The Long List of Dark Romantic Movies

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90s Movies You Must Rewatch | With the Perfect Drink Pairings

Let us know if we missed something in the comments.

90s movies to rewatch _ Starting with Matrix and Scream you must see this giant list of binge worthy movies. #movies #90s

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