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8 Useful Unicorn Birthday Party Favors

by Tinselbox
Unicorn Party Favors

There’s been much debate about birthday party favors in recent years. As a parent of a party guest, I understand that taking home more “junk” is not ideal. But as a birthday party host, it’s fun to give our favors as a thank-you. So as a compromise, I found 8 useful unicorn birthday party favors for you to consider.

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Unicorn Candy Treat Bags

Treat bags are the classic party favor, and they can be as simple or complex as you desire. Whatever you choose to fill them with, our free printable bag topper will ensure your favors stay on theme. Keep it easy by using sandwich bags as your goodie bags–the topper will cover the zip top.

Ideas for treat bag fillers:

  • candy
  • pencils or erasers
  • bubbles
  • temporary tattoos
  • small lip balms or nail polish (depending on the age of your party guests)

Printable Unicorn Party Favor Topper

Unicorn Socks

As a parent, I will never turn down socks. Where do they all seem to go?? I would be so excited if my daughter received a pair of these as a party favor. And they’re perfectly unicorny.

Useful Unicorn Party Favors

Unicorn Lip Balm

For the slightly older kids, this ADORABLE lip balm is a perfect party favor. I like it because it’s substantial enough to stand alone. Throw a quick tag on it with a ribbon and you’re all set.

Useful Unicorn Party Favors

Unicorn Tattoos

What kid doesn’t like temporary tattoos? We like these tattoos because they come in a large sheet that you can easily cut down to 1 or 2 per child, and include in their goody bag.

Useful Unicorn Party Favors

Unicorn Pencil Bags

Here’s another substantial favor that can stand alone, and doesn’t cost a lot of money. Or if you want to go all out, you can fill these up with even more goodies!

Useful Unicorn Party Favors

Unicorn Headband

My daughters have received a few of these from different parties over the years. The great thing is that they’re totally into them. They wear them quite often–both for playing pretend and for normal everyday accessorizing!

Useful Unicorn Party Favors

“I’m a Unicorn” Little Golden Book

Books, like socks, are something I don’t think you can have enough of. This sweet Little Golden Book is a perfect thank you gift for all of your party guests.

Useful Unicorn Party Favors

Unicorn Slime

Ah, slime. I have such a love-hate relationship with you. My kids love the stuff, but I can’t stand it in our house. But alas, it’s SUCH a kid favorite, I had to include it on my list. Plus, with all the fun stuff that comes with this kit, you can turn the slime decorating into a party activity. Let the kids mix-in their baubles of choice, and then take their completed slime home with them.

Useful Unicorn Party Favors


Useful Unicorn Birthday Party Favors

Please let us know in the comments if you decide to use any of these items as your party favors! We’d love to hear what you think.

Useful Unicorn Birthday Party Favors


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