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185 Great Ideas for Summer Fun with Preschoolers

by Maria

The sun is beaming down from the sky, and your shorts have just been recovered from of the closet. Your kids appear with their helmets or a sandy bucket of toys, and you wonder what do I do next? By the end of summer, I have this budget-friendly, stress-free, sunny day thing all figured out. In the beginning,  I am trying to remember all the ideas I had the year before for summer fun with preschoolers.

We are solving this problem today! We made a massive list of 185 great ideas, DIY and adventures for preschoolers in the summer.

Thanks to the Parent Bloggers Tribe for being the coolest moms, with so much to share. The moms in this tribe put together this list of Summer Fun with Preschoolers. They are living this way, right now! Remember how you knew it all when it was happening?


Summertime reading toddlers

1. What we are reading: Books about Summer

The Triplet Farm

At the preschool age, reading with your kids is so much fun. We adore this collection of books about summer.  The Night Before Summer Vacation (#8) reminds me so much of what it REALLY looks like to go on summer vacation. I was laughing and crying at the same time.



2. – 52. 50 Fun Summer Activities for Kids

For the Love of Mom

This is no ordinary list. These are some creative ideas like “camp in the backyard” or have an “unbirthday party”. This reminded me of a few things we usually do, but it gave me some new ideas as well.



53. Hiking with your Preschooler


Gotta love being out in nature with your preschooler this summer. Of course, we think so!  If you want to know the most powerful thing you can do to love hiking with your toddler, check it out.

Let me tell you this day at Big Trees in California was such a hoot.  Because we set the expectation that our preschooler was in charge, everyone laughed off all her stops to see an ant or a puddle.



Summer ideas for a beach day with a toddler

54. Packing your Toddler for the Beach

Fab Working Mom Life

For every beach day in my family, there is a forgotten something. We get there without hats or sunscreen.  I enjoy a good list written by a mom who knows that being organized makes for a fantastic day.



55. & 56. Two Websites I Love for Summer Reading

Diary of a Deelexia Mom

We know that screen time may happen this summer. I am not sure how else I can get the laundry done without realizing my sweetie has run herself a bubble bath and filled it up with cereal.

Yup, I have that super resourceful child.  They really can learn so much from great educational software.


 Beach day with Baby

57. Tips to take your Baby to the Beach

Hampton Roads Moms

I loved taking my babies to the beach. They way they squeal when they step in the sand and then scoop endlessly in their little hats. I can’t get enough of it!



58. – 159. 101 Fun Activities for Kids {that barely cost anything}

Awesome Alice

I would like to save my money for a summer in France (still saving by the way) or a trip to Disneyland, so this list had me at “budget-friendly.” Sometimes the best day is just adventuring through life. So many of these great ideas are things mommy loves too. That for me is the holy grail of ideas when it’s exciting for everyone.

That for me is the holy grail of ideas when it’s exciting for everyone. Stay tuned for my family fun Veen Diagram printable. It is in the works and lots of these ideas are on it.

Which are my favorites?  #11, #31 and #65



160. Tie Dye DIY T-shirts

Muddy Boots & Diamonds

Absolutely for sure, 100% going on the list!  If you haven’t made a DIY tie-dye t-shirt with your kids you must.   I love the heart design!

I think the look on this little guy’s face says it all.



161. Flavored Lemonade

Love my Big Happy Family

Let’s get real. We are going to be thirsty. Especially in California, where it can get hot.  I love this recipe because it reminds me of the lemonade we used to make when we were kids. We would sit out all day, and sell a few cups to neighbors.


162. DIY Summer Bucket List Jar

Major League Mommy

After this huge list of lists, you can make your DIY bucket jar to remember them all. I love a great idea that sparkles!



Fun things for kids to do in summer

163. – 173. 10 Summer Boredom Busters on a Budget

Totally Mommed It!

Love how this list links to coupons, so you can just get started saving money.  Super smart!

French Riviera, wait for me. I am still saving.  Give me a few years and my family and I will be perched on a village hilltop and eating from your outdoor markets.


Toddler Summer

174-185. How t0 have fun with your toddler this Summer {Indoor Outdoor Play Ideas}

Everyone’s Sleeping But Mom

In my bucket list, this DIY sensory bin is a must. My preschooler loves to touch, smush, rattle and get her hands dirty. Then we can add to the collection as we do other things.


Do you have a post or a comment on what you love to do with your preschooler in summer. We would love to hear.










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Julie May 25, 2017 - 7:48 am

Woop! Excellent roundup 🙂 Can’t go wrong with a ton of great ideas for summer fun.

Kanani May 25, 2017 - 11:06 am

Thanks for the mention! All of these ideas will carry me thru summer and into fall! LOL!

Maria May 25, 2017 - 3:05 pm

Of course! We love your ideas.

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