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10 Best Creative Father’s Day Gifts

by Tesse
Fathers Day Gifts

If you’re like me, you have no idea what to get your husband or dad for Father’s Day. I try planning a month ahead, but then things get in the way and we get busy. Usually the night before I’m scrounging through the house looking for something to throw together as a gift. It usually winds up being a scribbled on card and a bottle of beer from the fridge with a bow on it. Poor guy! For all he does for our family he deserves better. So here’s are some much Father’s Day gifts to give the husband, father, or any other father figure the best Father’s Day he deserves!

A Round of Golf

My husband loves golf. Probably second to his family. This Father’s Day give your golfer the morning off to enjoy a round of golf. Better yet, coordinate ahead of time and get his brother or golf buddy to go with him. Want a cherry on top? Call the restaurant at the golf course and prepay for their after golf drinks! Trust me, he will be smiling from the first hole all the way to the 18th!


Baseball Tickets

It’s no surprise that most guys love baseball. Why not get them tickets to a game? In fact, you can bring the whole family along and share a wonderful day of memories. Don’t have a baseball team nearby? Check for local minor league teams. They are usually half the price (or free) to watch and still gives you the thrill of the game!



Take a Hike or a Walk

My father loves going for hikes. His idea of a perfect day would be a long hike followed by a cool beer. This Father’s Day bring the whole family for a hike or walk then find someplace cool and have a picnic. Make sure to pack all of dad’s favorite foods (don’t forget the beer) and a camera to capture his big smile.


Fathers Day Gifts

Craft Brew Dad

The craft-brew craze is sweeping the nation. Everywhere small independent breweries are popping up and it’s making men (and women) everywhere run to try the latest sampler. Give the beer lover in your life the chance to brew his own! Get him a beer making starter kit like this “Brewery in a Box


Father's Day Gifts - Beer

Railroad to his Heart

Every man is really a little boy at heart, and what little boy doesn’t like trains? This Father’s Day take dad for a ride on a historic train! They are found across the country and there’s probably one near you. When dad hears the sound of the steam whistle, he’ll be riding the train back to his childhood! This list of the 8 Most Scenic Train Rides in the Country is sure to provide some inspiration. All aboard!



Grillin’ and Chillin’

I know my husband loves to BBQ. It doesn’t matter what’s on the grill as long as there’s some meat involved! Why not host a Father’s Day BBQ for dad and his friends? Make sure to get his favorite meats to grill and boozy drink to go along with it. And, you can also surprise him in the morning with a new custom BBQ set like the one below!



Gift from the Heart

Dads everywhere love gifts with a special touch. As long as it’s from the heart, it doesn’t matter what it is. I thought this t-shirt was unique and easy to make. Dad will love his kid’s handprint so close to his heart. I’m going to attempt to make this so stay tuned! I’ll let you know how it goes!



Sometimes all dad wants to do on Father’s Day is relax, and that can be hard with a house full of kids. Relaxing can mean different things for different guys, but one thing I know my husband likes to do is watch sports on TV. ESPN would be on 24/7 if I didn’t take control every once in a while. This Father’s Day, though, the remote will be all his to watch whatever crazy sport is on that day. I’ll just have to grin and bear it. Just make sure when you wrap the remote he doesn’t think you got him a new TV! Unless….


Flashback Father’s Day

If your dad isn’t into ESPN and would rather have something more interactive, then let him take a ride down memory lane. Get him an old video game like Super Nintendo, Nintendo 64, Sega Genesis, or and old PlayStation. You can find a ton of them for sale on EBay or remakes of them on Amazon. You can even have a teaching moment with your kids about what video games looked like before HD! Warning: Men may revert back to their 10 year old selves and start calling you mom and asking you to bring them chips and soda. Oh wait, that’s how they always are….


Father's Day Gifts

Mom’s Recipe

It’s a fact: Moms make the best food. Guys are always talking about how they miss their mother’s homemade cooking. Yeah, we try, but it’s never quite the same. Well, here’s your chance to call his mom and get some of her secret recipes! Then, make them for him on Father’s Day as a special surprise. The kids can even help prepare the food and serve it! Dad will love that everyone was involved in making his day special while he gobbles up his “Cozy Eggs and Toast”.

Thoughtful Father’s Day Gifts

I think you have all the tools you need to make this Father’s Day special for the dad who does it all. (Oh, there’s another one! Get him some tools!) Our dads do so much for us, it’ll be fun to do something from the heart in return.

So, Tinselers, we hope this list of Father’s Day gifts is inspiring. Now, go out there and make this the best Father’s Day! If you have any ideas let us know in the comments below. Happy Father’s Day!


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