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10 Best Halloween Movies and Where to Stream Them

by Maria

It’s tough to decide on the best Halloween movies, because there are so many great ones to choose from. From the terrifying, to fun for kids all the way to serial killers. We will leave out the slasher films, and focus on those that will still let you sleep at night. Here are our pics for the 10 Best Halloween Movies, and where to stream them.

Sleepy Hollow

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This Johnny Depp, Tim Burton combo was a cinematic masterpiece. The story of Ichabod Craine and the Headless Horseman was told in a new way. It was more gory than I remembered, but one of the best Halloween movies to stream on Netflix today.


Blair Witch Project

Best streaming Halloween Movies Blair Witch Project

Suspenseful, dramatic and so realistic. This movie revolutionized suspense in films and was one of the first to create an online hype. I still don’t know if these people survived.

The Blair Witch Project is streaming on Hulu.



Nightmare Before Christmas

Best Halloween Movies of All Time and where to stream them for free. Nightmare before Christmas

The Nightmare Before Christmas is another Tim Burton classic. Jack Skellington, a resident from “Halloween Town” arrives at “Christmas Town” and decides to celebrate the holiday. The Nightmare before Christmas is streaming at Amazon and Vudu for $2.99.



Best Halloween Movies of All Time and where to stream them for free. Polterguiest

1982 gave us this thriller, which is a bit of a throw back. This family started by meeting some friendly ghosts, and it all went very wrong. You remember the clown and the pool, don’t you? Poltergueist is streaming at At HBONow and Amazon.



Sure you can watch the original classic if you like, but the newest 2016 version had the whole audience cheering in it’s seats. This dream team of ghost hunters are one of the best due to the humor and the special effects. Take that Dan Akroid! {Okay, sorry… I actually do love the original too}

The original is streaming free on Crackle. The 2016 release is streaming on Amazon.


The Silence of the Lambs

 Best Halloween Movies of All Time and where to stream them for free. Ghostbusters

Such a terrifying, creepy film for Halloween. This film was one of the top grossing horror movies ever on screen. I love a great psychological thriller, and this is one you can’t unsee.

Where is Silence of the Lambs streaming? Hulu and Amazon. Don’t blame me for the nightmares!


Hotel Transylvania

Best Halloween Movies of All Time and where to stream them for free. Hotel Translvania

My kids love this movie, so I add to add one for the littles. As an adult who doesn’t really like cartoons I also find it very entertaining. There is lots of monster humor, a few scary moments and most of all it teaches tolerance. I love that!

Where is Hotel Translyvania streaming? Netflix.


Interview with a Vampire

Best Halloween Movies of All Time and where to stream them for free.


A vampire tells his life story of love, loneliness, and hunger. This 1994 vampire story is so capitvating and intriguing to watch. Brad Pitt, Kristin Dunst, Antonio Banderas and Tom Cruise are fantastic.

Where is Interview with a Vampire streaming? This one is streaming on Amazon Prime and Netflix.

Hocus Pocus

best halloween movies hocus pocus

Now that all the 90’s kids are all grown up, Hocus Pocus has seen a resurgence as a Halloween favorite. Some will argue, it never truly faded in popularity. The story of the 3 Sanderson sisters from the 1600’s being brought back to life in the 90’s is spooky, but as with all things Disney, totally family friendly. Find Hocus Pocus streaming on Vudu for a small price.

It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown

best halloween movies great pumpkin

I don’t think it can get any more classic than It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown. What’s more sweet than Linus, faithfully awaiting The Great Pumpkin in the pumpkin patch? How much does your heart swell watching Charlie Brown get invited to his first party? Usually this movie is on TV around Halloween, but if you just can’t wait, find it on Amazon’s Prime Video.

10 Best Halloween Movies and Where to Stream Them

Did your favorite spooky flick make our list? Let us know your favorite Halloween movies in the comments below!

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